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  1. Works bad as fk at the 1-30 mining atm. Slow and waiting for nothing all the time. Whas goin on?
  2. Sigma works pretty well, except for the bans i've received within the last few days
  3. Think you could add powerchopping to custom locations? Great script anyhow!
  4. Works great, except that it sometimes puts a trap in a different formation and then totally forgets about it until it collapses, then picks it up. In the mean time tries to put an extra trap on the original spot. Also attacks chins sometimes ^^ Edit: just got 2 chars banned, one at 68, other 70 hunting... on grey chins
  5. 10 extra for my movements. Xmouse_data-91066-1104532733546.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104535981125.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104538268750.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104539235515.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104539906812.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104541512812.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104542776875.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104544094500.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104544590203.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104547283906.dat
  6. Doesn't matter if i put 50 or 500 for mouse speed, still seems the same :/ Mouse movement seems way too slow for a human been. Sometimes it puts ore to the casket and stays at the cart, doesn't go repairing, but instead just waits there and after a while goes to mining again until someone else repairs the wheel. Then it decides to go pick up the ore if the message appears that the ore is ready to be collected.... Got my first rune miner today with this script (Y) Cheers and happy holidays!
  7. 60 to 61 mining at motherlode. reaction_times.csv
  8. Took a while but got help from my gf ^^ Edit: does it matter if half is done in another computer? Xmouse_data-91066-1419521209566.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419716928784.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419717685058.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419718312121.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419720471531.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419721433487.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419722918673.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419724025489.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419724917543.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419726282185.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419726899502.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1419727383935.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104533671281.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104534362296.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104536037328.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104536660843.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104537236656.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104538227062.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104539720031.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104540463906.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104541214171.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104541745875.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104542514421.dat Xmouse_data-91066-1104543043515.dat
  9. Just bought the script, gonna try how good it is. Edit: I would say it is a bit slow, for example waiting in bank for like 10 secs and some other delays but other than that, its pretty much flawless and I am very pleased with the script. Here's 2 little proggies with ~35 to 61 mining + breaks:
  10. I got a 2day minor ban day before yesterday, should be unbanned in 4 hours. Will i ever get to bot on it again? xD RS is no legit game imo.
  11. Cheers for the food option Yeah, i hope it gets fixed some day soon. Thank you for the great script! Will let know if i notice any bugs. Will try to make some proggies as well.
  12. Okay, yeah, i guess thats okay for lower lvl thievers Anyhow, it does some weird stuff before going to the bank i noticed. While going to the bank, it randomly clicks on the minimap for lets say ~15 secs?...making like a circle with clicks it seems. Other then that, looks like it's going to be a very nice thieving script!
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