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  1. @flashg92 Have you tried setting training mode to Normal instead of Guthans_AFK ? Not sure if that'd fix it but doesn't seem you're doing guthans.
  2. I don't have dharok's myself but I believe these settings should work properly. This is using an inventory of 5 Overloads, 22 Absorptions and the Dwarven Rock Cake (you'll need the correct rock cake for this!). https://i.gyazo.com/c438b6f9a9ce8eca75c193ea1a405b43
  3. @evilmoney69 Looks like you're trying to use prayer pots with overloads, correct? In which case, uncheck "flick rapid heal", you don't need that. Instead, you have to have Protect from melee selected in that prayer list. Also, it seems you have a rock cake in your inventory, that is not the correct one used for the rock cake method. The rock cake you need is the Dwarven Rock Cake which is this one: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dwarven_rock_cake
  4. Shows no image? If you have break handler set up I believe it will take a break after the game is over. Otherwise you can set it up to stop after 'x' amount of games in the settings. But not after a specific set amount of time as far as I know.
  5. udidoo

    Selling 98m rs07

    I definitely recommend following what godspower said. I also got sick of the scams, trying to go for higher selling prices may seem enticing but once you get scammed 200m+, you realize it's better to sell to the big buyers for less because in the end you'll make more $ because you won't be getting scammed the same.
  6. @Markus pretty sure regen just makes it so you gain 2hp at a time instead of 1hp. So there's no change in the time, just how much gained.
  7. @xbrowniee try deleting your hooks.dat and then restarting tribot it's in your .tribot/settings folder, found by going to %appdata%
  8. No thanks! Unless you're willing to pay 50k per game
  9. From my experience, this will be very easy to achieve
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