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  1. There is an incredibly small market for main accounts (or accounts in general). It is simply too easy to recover. I dont think anyone/website will be interested. If you're lucky maybe $40 (because you'll recover it anyways) Its scam or be scammed in the account marketplace. I wouldnt risk it
  2. I would highly recommend NOT trying this. Few clans camp the ores 24/7. Your bots would get fucked so fast. If you get banned you'll need to bot 85 mining again which takes weeks, and this would cost around $200. Think of a new method
  3. Not doubting you, but that is not the point of this thread is it?
  4. I like how you're both arguing over your anecdotal evidence instead of the actual J mod quite where he says bot clients are detectable lmfao
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/4w9j0n/thirdparty_clients/ Read the part where ModMatK states "look like bots" in regard to third party clients. Basically straight up said they have a system that filters clients into "helping(OSB)" and "botting" clients. Been detectable for at least a year now, hence why you either have looking glass or you're fucked Also, just using a "bot client" is grounds for a permaban FYI
  6. Radiation X


    yeah...just saying theres no chance someone would waste their time for 1m gp lmfao I would try to figure out how to do this yourself
  7. idk. botters tend to have "every man for himself" kind of mentality. I dont see people going out of their way to help others or submit data to a collection centre
  8. Current stock: ~1m Accepting Paypal if you're trusted 07gp is the default payment method Will not be going first unless you're extremely trusted. Pm me
  9. Pm me if you're interested in leveling up my ftp pking account. Need 40 attack, 50 str, 60 range, I am currently 29cb with 20 def, 25 hp, and 35+ mage. All necessary supplies will be on account. Can be botted but id prefer if it wasnt Hit me up and we can talk details/payment
  10. Like the idea. Looks like a sick script. Keep it up
  11. Fuck x'ers. If your maxed just 50/50 w/ abyssal whip
  12. Ignore the troll above me. Get caught again and your perm'd. Also increases the risk of bans of future accounts on your ip. Transfer all your gp/items if you plan to continue botting
  13. I would highly recommend looking glass (google it) and using private scripts.
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