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  1. Hey, I pushed a update should resolve that error. If you're still running into a bug please add me on discord so that I can better diagnose and solve the issue - my discord channel https://discord.gg/b6exsw5SZZ
  2. I'm gonna need you to add me on discord so we can communicate faster, I'm running it now to test the script and it is running for me.
  3. Hey, when do you mean it'll say "we can use glory" is it while walking to the air obelisk or during banking? That print out that "till 6/1/2020" does not affect the script. If you can fill out a bug report like this one below it can help me better determine the cause of the issues you're experiencing. If you'd prefer more privacy, you can PM me on TRiBot forums or message me on discord godspower33#8539 Description of bug: TRiBot version (10/11): LG (Yes/No): Resize (Yes/no): Pictures of gear equipped: Pictures of inventory: Pictures of screen and/or status: GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you)
  4. Hey, the script is currently discontinued I believe it got ported to the new store by accident. I'll issue a refund.
  5. God

    Am I muted/banned?

    You aren't muted
  6. No, this script does not have any muling supported right now
  7. I believe hes asking for a script that kills Demonic Gorillas, which there are no premium scripts capable of that on tribot. There was a free script but I don't know if it is still functional.
  8. If you provide some information like what is inside the bug report I may be able to resolve the issue. Also if you're using the latest tribot version 26.2 or something (which is the default loaded version) you will experience some bugs. You should be running version 10.24.2 by manually selecting it.
  9. God

    Botfarm questions

    Hi, unfortunately you may not find much help here other than general tips since gold farming is a competitive business and no one will spoonfeed you how to make money. TRiBot is superior imo for farming but that is from my experience, there are alot of full automation tools here at tribot. If you set up the tools correctly everything can be nearly completely automated however you'll need to investigate gold farming methods that are profitable and work for you.
  10. Not really, it is intended for gold farming. With this script profit is typically 600k-1m/hr without rare drops (up to 3m/hr with rare drops or more) so after a day or two it pays for itself depending on the auth package.
  11. Hi, I just pushed a update that should fix that issue, please let me know if it continues.
  12. Hi, I pushed a update to resolve this, there was a issue with grabbing the price sometimes of items.
  13. Yes, this is technically possible with the "Ignore pkers" option however it will not react to any pkers at all and continue to kill and loot. I haven't personally tried it myself but I have added the feature incase someone does want too.
  14. The @TheNoobish is purposefully is trying to be misleading about the contact and response date. As shown in this picture, he contacted me on tribot PMs on Thursday 5/21, and then contacted me on discord right after where I promptly responded. I asked him multiple times to send me data I need to figure out what is going wrong however he was completely unwilling and only wanted a refund.
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