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  1. i've noticed that when i'm merchanting whips it'll put them all in the trade screen then take them all out then put them all back in again. I have unchecked the box where it says "show all items upon trade" I have monitored it a couple times and people just get fed up and trade somewhere else.
  2. I have Hellhounds as a task but as soon as i run out of food my account logs out :/
  3. hey there im getting an error saying: null pointer eception then ends the script before it even stars. Can you help?
  4. What version were you running: 4.4.3 What is your issue: 1. Kalphite task: bot passes shantay pass then clicks back. Causing the bot to keep clicking on shanty pass door with no shanty pass. 2. Fire Giants task: bot enters slayer dungeon and walks to a certain distance, then tele's to cammy then tele's to varrock then teles to grand tree then walks to bank, kits up then goes back to slayer master to see task then enters dungeon again then repeats itself. How do you think it happened exactly: as stated above Severity rating (1-10): 10 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100%
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