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  1. Sorry, my english is very bad hehe, what do you mean with works on shapes ? i think my magic level its 70, im wearing lavastaff with cosmic, shall i go and buy a mud staff and stick with level-6 boting for dragonstone ? or continue with dimond untill onyx ?
  2. shall i stick wtih dragon stone while when i reach level 68 or just diamond untill onyx ? I mean there just 5 dragon stone in the floor ?
  3. Which one is best to do diamond enchant or dragon enchant ? i dont care about loosing money, i just want the fastest EXP thanks.
  4. I would like to buy VIP ! I added you in skype with the same username as this page
  5. Can I run 2 accounts on one auth or will I have to buy two for my pure and my main?
  6. temp banned after using this script for a total of 200 hours, worth it. cya in 2 weeks
  7. Lmfao some of these morons using the script (he was typing this while getting caught trying to attack NPCs on the other side of the door) Said he was gonna report me, thank god I babysit all the time. great script though
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