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  1. when you buy an auth its usable forever, but I think with this script 1 auth is 3 accounts can run at once
  2. You should add an option to alch all of those items dropped that would make some good cash!
  3. If i set it to collect rune defenders will it also collect what I haven't collected before rune? bronze, iron, steel etc..?
  4. It's still down for me too but when it was running it was AMAZING, would love to see this updated

    Noob Question

    torags, neitiznot, rune defender/dfs, dragonic boots
  6. If you could add something that teleports after 3-5 minutes of being stuck at trollheim that would be an easy fix for the problem
  7. how long did you leave it running, what did you farm, and what did it do after farming? I had it running for a few hours and came back to a dead account lols
  8. It gets stuck at trollheim and just clicks on the minimap south of the ladder attempting to walk into darkness, while the client debug just says s s s s s s s s
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