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  1. can you possibly teamview or screen share with me to help? I'm not too familiar. I can offer you paypal.
  2. I know how to change it but on my screen everythings edgy, and not clean. I just bought it and hooked it up too a Samsung syncmaster b2230hd tv
  3. Hey guys so I just bought a new Pc that can keep up with what I do on here. So badically im starting up 5 accounts on 07 RS, and I was wondering what's the BEST vps I should use and also what's a good gold farming idea. (Script wise) woodcutting, fishing, looting, throw me some ideas in putting 100$ into this project in hope of profiting in the long run.
  4. Couldn't manage to figure out that script while on trial, maybe I'm just a dummy.
  5. This has not been released and no one knows this Method if your a good scripted u can make the script and we can share it ot u can sell it. Great script idea. 100k combat exp 700k GP / hour
  6. Honestly funny too me cuz I actually do hah . Thanks guys found someone to help me out for 7m
  7. I need 85 magic I'm at 77 now. Please send me rates or comment below! Also in need for 99 str from 82. Let me know.
  8. How long did it take to get all 12 accounts 99 in 3 combat styles without botting!? That's intense.
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