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  1. this script is trash lmfao, gonna dispute this purchase, such obvious bot like movement. Catching salies is terrible lmao. Were you drunk when you coded this>?
  2. theres no fix and no set release for a fix.
  3. yes , broken until they fix. im sure they will send an update soon!
  4. had the same just had the same happen to me while training melee. It seems to be when two of the black demons line up together, nothing attacks you. Good thing i wasnt full blown afk for hours.
  5. I have had this happen to me once. Ever since then i have been eating it in the center, have not ran into that issue since then.
  6. Love the script, working flawlessly for melee and ranged. One suggestion, can you add more pray support? Like have it sip at a certain pray points between like 5-10 randomized for example and make it so you can chose it to sipp more than once ? Then have mouse hover off screen for best possible afk anti ban?
  7. The bot now clicks on protect melee but it keeps flicking it on and off and wont keep it on... been trying to use the bot for days now since i payed for it lol..
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