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  1. Absolutely incredible service. Capable of not only tailoring the script to TriBot functionality, but was able to port it to different platforms upon request.
  2. I don't have access to any of my Skype accounts. Including my original/personal. Do not contact or trade via them. I still have access to my Discord.

  3. There most definitely has been a dupe glitch, more specifically in the last month. The rest of the fluctuations were whales such as Friday being cleaned, which would make people dump up to 100b for 0.60. You'd see the market bounce back within a matter of days, regardless of price matching. There is a dupe method, there's bugs constantly being abused and found in Runescape to this day.
  4. You were a massive cock on there and no doubt you'll be banned on here too if you continue to behave in a similar fashion.
  5. hey saw your post about enfilade's Easel a while back. do you happen to have a download link?, thanks :)


  6. What an awesome contribution, thanks for helping me with my encrafter.
  7. Sank too many hours into this, good excuse to move on and do other things.


  8. Liam.

    Liam's Simple NMZ

    Source is free to use, uploading my automated version in a few weeks.
  9. Yea, he's a veteran when it comes to farming off of others misfortune.
  10. Liam.

    Liam's Simple NMZ

    Don't drink the absorbs to max.
  11. Liam.

    Liam's Simple NMZ

    You are doing something very wrong then.
  12. Liam.

    Liam's Simple NMZ

    I've been busy with school and such recently but I managed to make an automated nmz script; I'll be re-making this script at some point too. Good to know it's working out for you!
  13. Guy made a few bucks and had to yell about it. There are people right now that have profited more than $100k+ off of Runescape botting, just running scripts and a farm. Do your homework, put the effort in and invest time and money and you can decide how much you make.
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