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  1. doesn't work anymore just keeps clicking the sound on and off over and over... same with the african script.
  2. ^ I was thinking of buying this script till i saw your response usa I think your script should have a failsafe if it gets stuck and can't get out of a spot for more then 5 minutes weather it's the scripts fault or the person setting it up because there new to it... you just lost $20 customer by the way you treated luke l and the simple fact you didn't offer to put in a failsafe...
  3. Haven't had any issues now bot is totally flawless except when it went to varrock bank once it got stuck trying to go into the bank no big deal had a bad angle were the camera was to high and it clicked the rooftop but haven't had the issues we talked about at all great job very proud of you ty for fixing everything
  4. assume don't you have something better to do like work on your scripts then to come on this thread flame me and put me down like really grow up?
  5. all you need to do with the re-equip armor bug is look at the code and make sure it forces it to re-equip not matter what and not rebank the items which it does sometimes i don't know what you would get over skype besides the same answer with a voice. Others besides me have expierenced this issue I wasn't the 1st to post this it's on page 80 or something the 1st time this was brought up by another guy and I chimed in because it happend to me to. So anyone else that logs in and there guy is just standing at the varrock bank with a dragon shield please post hear. I put pictures on the forums what more do you want?
  6. 1. maximum amount of instances reached I know this is probably a client bug but so freaking frustrating when i'm using 1 bot on gdk 1 bot on barrows and 1 bot on cowhide killer. 2. still need to look into the bug were it doesn't equip armor on death. 3. still need to look into the pvp world switch bug will keep posting till something is done so frustrating when scriptors pretend like there doing something but in reality they are not because there are no changes or results. good bot not saying it's not near flawless except for the issues i just stated and if your unluck and like me and go to bed and then one of those issues happen you lose all your profits for the night which this is the 2nd night 1 out of the 3 issues happend it was the instance one so guys basically if it's not client bugs it's a script bug keep an eye on your bot if you want to make good money this site is so freaking frustrating no one helps you and no one cares after they get your money you mine as well die that's how they make me feel.
  7. I don't have skype plus i'm scared to use it because i know people can obtain ip addresses that way. Not saying you would do anything but you can't be to careful now a days. However if you want to talk to me i can give you my cell in a private message
  8. i don't know why i bother telling you bugs but here it goes anyway.... 1. bot stoped working because it picked a pvp world...no it didn't log in but it still picked it causing me to lose profits for the night thank you. 2. bot still doesn't always re-equip all items on death even if death spawn is lumby needs fixed thanks.
  9. hello? hey it's still doing that bug were it doesn't equip the gear after death even though i have lumby as my death respawn and this was on my noob this time can you help me ?
  10. i ment walk it walks from fali to varrock anyway ty for info if this solves it i won't dispute changed my respawn to lumby will see what happens but i have feeling it still will do it i'll keep you updated.
  11. strange because it still walks to varrock but it happens more on this bot as it's my main then my noob bot which i believe it's happend on my noob before and he goes to varrock will keep an eye on it and i'll try to switch my death spawn to varrock to see if this changes anything
  12. the script is falsely claiming that i don't have a shield or weapon when i do. 1. someone pks me at green dragons. 2. I end up in fali walk to varrock 3. bot instead of requiping the items on death will somtimes deposit them when getting a new shield even if shield isn't lost on death it will go in bank and deposit all items probably because that is what it usually does when it first comes to the bank with bones and hides i'm guessing. Other users have had this issue remember that a guy posted above me the first time i talked to you about this issue in thread. Hope this description helps you and I hope you can recreate it on your end because everytime i die it keeps happening to me if i don't die everything is fine but if i die it happens more and more now.
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