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  1. So I've previously used the account manager on the tribot client to look up old accounts I've previously used for botting (mostly because I forget my login names and it helps a lot since there's a bunch of accounts on there). But with the new tribot client the account manager is completely empty instead of having all the logins saved. It's kinda annoying since I've had no issues for the past 2 years with this.
  2. Any time estimate for when you plan on updating the beta version again?
  3. One thing I would love to be fixed was making sure it repairs the brazier every time, because right now it seems like it never clicks fast enough to repair it. I've gained close to no construction xp on my account so far even though the setting is turned on for repairing it.
  4. Might be a weird suggestion, but would it be possible to add some kind of message in the client debug or a .txt file with logs that show what a person nearby said before the script hops worlds? Would be interesting to see if I got reported or if it was just a random message.
  5. Go to the VIP page and scroll down to the bottom, there should be an option to upgrade to VIP-E.
  6. Download the cross-platform version of RuneLite on their site and try again
  7. Think there's an option to upgrade it on the VIP purchase page if you scroll down.
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