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  1. it seems to me that the script always stops in about 6 hours, 7 tops. Is there a specific reason for this? When I log back in Im usually in edge bank or at the nature alter
  2. For weeks I think the main issue has been people dying due to pkers... Not any of these minor bugs having to do with your slave/master update, people are dying every single day, multiple times per day. Now if people think this "pouch pickup" would actually work, can you please attempt to implement it? In no way am i flaming or raging, i'm just an aggravated customer wanting to see results with a very big issue. Please respond .
  3. Nope, no randoms. It was "Looking for crab" or something, but it kept specifically trying to click on an un-opened crab on the West side over the fence.
  4. Often when running on east crabs it tends to click on west crabs by the fence, it will stand there for minutes trying to click over to the west side. If you could fix that would be nice Edit: Ran overnight and after 45 minutes my character was stuck for the ENTIRE night trying to click across to the west side. This is very important and should be fixed asap to avoid any bans.. I'm crossing my fingers i didn't get reported too many times.
  5. Unfortunately... died twice today.. had to get pouches back twice D: . And for any1 whom it may concern... Cb lvl - 65 my defense level - 65 - HP level - 57 Seems like they always have to either do with: Pkers, combat randoms, or script failure inside the abyss. Hope this helps to make this a "Die-free" script
  6. Can i buy 50$ worth of gp in an Amex gift card?
  7. Hey warfront, been doing at the least 1 time a day. I think the main priority should be fixing the abyss... people dying once a day really kills xp/profit and each time we have to get back 2+ pouches.. it kind of stinks. So if you can please look into it, many of us would greatly appreciate it
  8. Awesome script man . Just a quick question. I don't have any agility/mining/woodcutting levels. Will i still be able to run natures through the abyss with 17 hp?
  9. Don't forget about the defense bonus from the DFS . Oh, and dont forget about that price tag too.
  10. Order form: Trade type: Account trade Your Skype: sylvie.blabla Other traders Skype: x0riginality Your TRiBot username: Spinzchuck Other traders TRiBot username: zurugod Have you added me on Skype? Yes Do you accept the TOS? (Terms of Service) Yes
  11. Does this have a feature to buy items and then sell them after without having to stop the script?
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