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  1. Amount buying: 30-40m Payment method: Paypal Can you provide Photo ID?: yes Did you read thread? (No/yes, if no I won't deal with you):yes Skype username:"Frisco.09" already have you added
  2. Hey can I buy some gp? Add me on Skype "Frisco.09"
  3. Skype: Frisco.09 How many bonds:1 Have you added me on Skype: Yes, waiting on you. Do you agree the TOS: Yeah.
  4. Frisco

    07 gold price

    Oh alright thanks man, I thought it was in the ~$2 range
  5. Frisco

    07 gold price

    I'm looking to buy some 07 gold but I haven't got to it since I'm unsure of the current prices. Heard they've been dropping since summers over, what's the current price on gold?
  6. Frisco

    Paypal payment

    I was able to purchase credits through paypal? All you have to do is verify your email address.
  7. You might have to verify your paypal, I had similar problems when I was unverified. Now I have no problems with PP whatsoever
  8. Just got a fire cape, A+ highly recommend to anyone in need of a fire cape!
  9. Frisco

    Bot hard or go home

    Stop being a cheeky cunt.
  10. I have never sweated like a pig while playing legit.
  11. Frisco

    07 gp

    Oh alright then, thanks guys. I might end up buying my gp as soon as I can then. Edit:Can a mod close this please?
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