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  1. TRiBot Version: 12.1.29 Description of the bug (be specific): The GrandExchange.placeOffer Method doesn't work when the builder chooses an item based on name. It does work if the item ID is used. Item is searched but before being selected the error ocurrs. How to reproduce the bug: GrandExchange.placeOffer(CreateOfferConfig.builder() .itemName("Adamant scimitar") .quantity(1) .type(Type.BUY) .priceAdjustment(5) .build()); Client Debug: java.lang.IndexOu
  2. I've been getting that error quite often as well. Not commonly, but also not very uncommon.
  3. That is correct. I had to fix my GE functions, not only that interface changed, another couple changed too.
  4. Error when attempting to walk to bank: [02:36:01] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 [02:36:01] at scripts.webwalker_logic.shared.helpers.BankHelper.computeBuilding(BankHelper.java:36) [02:36:01] at scripts.webwalker_logic.shared.helpers.BankHelper.computeBuilding(BankHelper.java:48) [02:36:01] at scripts.webwalker_logic.shared.helpers.BankHelper.computeBuilding(BankHelper.java:45) [02:36:01] at scripts.webwalker_logic.shared.helpers.BankHelper.computeBuilding(BankHelper.java:45) [02:36:01] at scripts.webwalker_logic.shared.helpers.BankHelper.computeBuilding(BankHelper.java:45
  5. Hey Dax, there's something I don't understand. I implemented this into my scripts, but It wasn't working. It was returning UNKNOWN. I noticed that this was happening because the requests were being made to localhost and not your server. In WebPathCore.java, I changed TEST = localhost to the servers IP (private static final String HOST = "", TEST = /*"localhost"*/ "", PORT = "8080", DIRECTORY = "/web?";) and now it works. Why was it set to localhost in the first place? Nonetheless, gratz on the release, this is awesome.
  6. fleq6

    Chocolate duster

    Yeah, why not. I think I'm going to give it a shot.
  7. fleq6

    Chocolate duster

    Should I do this? I wouldn't mind, it's very easy and wouldn't take much time. I don't know thought, as YoHoJo said, since the script is simple it could be easily done by JJ's Recorder. So... Should I? Or is there a more complex request that I should invest my time into instead? I've been looking to release some free scripts given that I've learned a lot of Tribot's API while coding for my personal goldfarm, but I just don't see requests and I can't think of something that we don't have already. Any suggestions are absolutely welcome. I thought about creating a new topic about t
  8. Are you leaving the proxy username and password arguments as they are? If the proxy doesn't have authentication, you need to remove the arguments. Maybe that's it.
  9. Uhm... You do know that you can only create 2 accounts every certain amount of time on the same IP right? When you get the 15 minute creation ban it means that you reached the limit and the script is waiting 15 minutes to try again. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, because I never get the creation ban if I haven't reached the account creation limit on that IP. If you are getting the ban every single time and cannot create any account even though the IP is not banned from creation, you must be setting the script arguments wrong.
  10. Hey Deluxes. Are you still taking request? If so, could I PM you with one?
  11. Hey Deluxe, sorry for bothering you again... I downloaded the source of the script, and I'm wondering how I can locally run the account creator + tutorial and quests. Is it possible, if so, how? I've been trying to figure it out, but I can't find the way... Thanks!
  12. I have a question (again ). Let's say I configure the script so that it creates 1 account and does tutorial island and gets to 7QP. If somewhere during the process the account gets locked, will the script attempt to create another account until it successfully manages to create one account and complete the tutorial and get to 7QP? Or if the account gets locked the script will simply stop? Also, if the account gets locked, will it still be on the text file, or will the script remove it since it got locked? Thanks!
  13. Thank you for the fast response! Aside from that and a few problems on the completion of the tutorial island (that I will probably be fixing myself, thank you for the open-source), this is a great script. Thank you very much for it!
  14. Hey Deluxe. Is it possible to make the accounts with random emails? Because if I'm making 10 accounts I don't want all of them to have the same email only differentiated by a number.
  15. Requests for private paid scripts or requests for a free script?
  16. Nope it doesn't, you're absolutely right. I only realized after posting. It works if you already have a client open and you manually run the script, but it doesn't work if you run the client & script & command from the client starter.
  17. Hey Calibur, I just wanted to thank you for adding the 7qp script argument. It's extremely useful, especially when I use it with the client starter on various accounts. Thank you!
  18. Hey Dax, great script! Regarding potions, is it possible to configure the script so that it drinks a strength potion when the strength level is one more of the current level? Because when I manually configure that the potion should be drank at a certain strength level, if I level up a couple of strength levels, it simply stops working as intended. Also, a feature that I would love to see in the future, if possible, is the ability to set desired levels that should be trained. For example, configure the GUI to train 5 attack levels, 2 strength levels, and 4 defense levels. Also,
  19. Amount to buy: 1m Payment Method: pp Skype User? fleq123 Will you leave feedback? yes
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