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  1. well none of the free scripts for flax->bow strings works. all are broken and whats the point of having them in repository if they all broken and not updated for ages-.-
  2. cooking script, making wines please <3
  3. @ITryNotToTroll Shall we resurrect you again? its not working with the option make it all
  4. amiiros

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ making wines does not work, it clicks the jug and the water and then repeats and repeat. the new make all does not work with it. please update
  5. just be happy it does not take 2 weeks or something lol
  6. When its world hopping it places 1 box then notices there is another hunter and after that it hops... Instead of just noticing and hopping
  7. i tried like 6 hour session with manualy breaks for like 30-45min 2 times
  8. oh really? i thought it was friday
  9. Hey guys, the moment i bot and next day i get banned, i do tutorial island manual, do some quests, using breaks also. but i get banned to fast. the scripts i am using are paid scripts. such as fishing pestcontrol, cannonballs, agility. i use breaks and LG and i switched ip's also still i get banned. any advice?
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