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  1. Was about to purchase after some years but seen you've raised the price too some really serious money grabbing/sell-out prices for multiple auths Im going to skip. Used to be so much cheaper.
  2. Looking to buy a single use nature runecrafting script to rune on several accounts
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    Delete this topic
  4. Trailed for blackjacking. Not too impressed so wont purchasing https://gyazo.com/c2ea3fbab85bd02c8451af9665c3b5fd < A Fail. Timing is very out of control. Pickpockets when target isn't stunned https://gyazo.com/bd35c18162954bb79bf286b4ae417e5f https://gyazo.com/c2ea3fbab85bd02c8451af9665c3b5fd
  5. PM ME FOR YOUR PERSONAL PRICE I WILL LET YOU KNOW Want ALL ITEMS for sub quests and barrows gloves themselves. So this is EVERYTHING imagine you was on a level 3.
  6. Why is mine mining so much for dorics quest? Still mining after lvl 15 MAYBE FOR THE QUEST ITEMS YA FOOKIN RETARD ^^^
  7. Hi, I am looking for someone who can build websites. I am wanting to host a RuneScape tool like a combat calculator for an example (not giving my idea away). I think this idea would be rather challenging but would become quite possibly one the most used RuneScape tools out there if it created in the correct way. Inbox me if you think you have the capability to make websites/tools. Thanks
  8. Wow. Nice help guys read title. I said NOT pest control! 40 combat requirement which even if u had 99 hitpoints you wouldn't be 40 you'd be 25. Also to the people that soul wars don't be so annoying I'm talking about osrs. Can people learn to read?!
  9. Please don't suggest Pest Control because I'm talking from a level 3. Genie Lamps too. Don't sugegest
  10. No lifed the shit outa this got halo in 5 days lol. Didn't get banned but when I went back to get my castle wars deco range top I did. So made another lvl 3 and got too 150 tokens before ban. I am running for like 10 hours straight. Might start doing 6 hours only so I can actually finish Botting halo and cwars top for my granite mauler: then I can start training legitly
  11. Okay just waiting on your reply now @iFluffee despite what Worthy says, the script is broken.
  12. Worthy all though humans aren't perfect that doesn't mean a script should mess out like this. I can go 100 zulrah kills without myself dying where as this script is few every hour. Its really not worth it. I'm not using it and I wouldn't compare it to any other script I've ever used. I've never had to dispute a refund before.
  13. https://gyazo.com/bc8f52ec38eca6f26937d08b3f0f781f https://gyazo.com/176bffef2c96ffc315f0b307a1bf1b60 I purchased 14 days for $20 Thank you iFluffee
  14. I am here to dispute the Zulrah Script written by @Worthy I have contacted him via skype and he has refused to refund me so I'm here. I am asking for a refund since the script does not perform to standard. The scripts dies way too often, is late on prayer flicks which causes a lot of deaths and also can actually loose money. The HUD money logger makes the script look a lot better than it actually is since this is raw profit and doesn't take into account that it is loosing 80K+ per death to return back to zulrah and then regear and teleport back for another attempt. Worthy
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