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  1. I've been on and off when it comes to botting, but this is the only script I used for combat skills and I'm happy to say I got all my 99s with this script solely. Thank you so much. I was never able to get a 99 for combat, but it was pretty easy with the script, so thanks again
  2. Immediate response to my request and gave credits right after trade. A+ !!! I'll be coming back, thanks man!
  3. Bot keeps accepting and canceling dreams. Went into NMZ myself and started the bot and 10 min later i see that I died. Update script please. Also, this script gave me four 99s, which I've never been able to do on previous accounts and scripts! Definitely recommend.
  4. Dude, I'm still having trouble getting Looking Glass to work after this recent update lol. Firefox actually works?
  5. Ever since the update, I can't use looking glass. Tried deleting and downloading everything again, no luck. Is it working for anyone else?
  6. Been using this script for the past 6 weeks and its been great honestly. Was skeptical about the banrate but I've been using it in moderation. Got from 80 attack and strength to 97 on both now. Thanks!
  7. Just would like to hear your thoughts about botting on Deadman. Is the banrate high in general? Is it possible to make a main per say on it? Lemme know everyone. Thanks
  8. Trying to use this script for slayer and I'm setting a center tile for combat and it's telling me "The centre tile must be in the format: 2314,3281,1". I've already been using the Set tile button but nothings working :/
  9. Were the mods taking a break or something during the time? I managed to bot 5 accounts about 10 hours a day. The red chin spots are empty now so that's why I'm assuming there's been a bot nuke.
  10. darker

    Buying bond

    Buying with gp. Pm me or list prices below. Thanks
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