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  1. @Einstein Found it stuck going through the conversation repeatedly with the mining instructor in lumbridge. Debug: [06:10:54] Script Stack Trace: [06:10:54] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [06:10:54] obf.fd.hc(gc:169) [06:10:54] obf.Jg.RF(fo:764) [06:10:54] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(st:70) [06:10:54] scripts.noob.a.a.j(EquipmentHandler.java:136) [06:10:54] scripts.noob.a.a.j(EquipmentHandler.java:113) [06:10:54] scripts.noob.NoobAccountLeveler.run(NoobAccountLeveler.java:68) [06:10:54] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [06:10:55] Random Stack Trace: [06:10:55] java
  2. Bug report: Mislicks the stairs at quest instructor, ending getting stuck on the upper floor. http://imgur.com/a/VMM1L Script/Stack trace: https://pastebin.com/SFd8bvw4 Would really appreciate it if you can fix this bug, many thanks!
  3. Pretty impressive script especially how it handles the knight's sword quest, however encountered some bugs when it was on Prince Ali rescue quest. Not sure, if it died or something but it walked to the GE trying to get items again, and idles there until I stopped the script. Script/Random Stack Trace: https://pastebin.com/3mbqcmgZ Also noticed when it's going through dialogue using keyboard it will sometimes restart the conversation many times especially when when the connection is slower on proxies/VPN. I.E to say when it's on "Please Wait..." after pressing spacebar it would c
  4. Would be a great feature to have, any chance of waterfall quest being added soon? Or it's following the order in the list of quests you mentioned?
  5. Just wondering if there's any method when you can quest a large number of accounts at subsequently? Instead of running like 7QP on 1 account before having to input & start another account again
  6. @TRiLeZ Thanks TRiLeZ! but on a sidenote, does tribot & say osbuddy share the same cached file of oldschool runescape?
  7. So I made several "fresh accounts" after previous few got banned...and did the usual level few levels across different skills...hours later tried logging in and all disabled lol ~5 accounts all made on proxy...I have come to the conclusion either all IPs were flagged or the client have become detectable..Used to bot alot and upon returning to botting this happened :x Things to note: -All were on different proxy -Made on different browser (Using HTTP) -Emails were different domain too -Ran through tutorial island manually They were all F2P , yes I know P2P have less bans but my previous acc
  8. @benosborne Dont mind if I ask where did you trained the accs? Any quests done on it? Approx how many days old acc?
  9. @benosborne lol just happened to me before, nothing special here...seems like they ban accounts which have too much playtime and been at popular botted areas within hours of creation...
  10. I experienced this as well, got stuck as this part, had to end script then start script with "defeat warlord" part to complete it. And will do when it happens [email protected]
  11. @TacoManStan Is it possible for it to add condition that waits for inventory to be empty excluding some item(s)? Ie to say when you smith bars you need the hammer so the inventory wont be exactly empty.
  12. @TacoManStan Shopping interface?! Cant wait! And yes I meant waiting for interface to appear just in case lag/dc etc so it wont get stuck? How about smithing atm? Is it possible to do that?
  13. @TacoManStan Is It possible to get it to trade and buy something from from a NPC? Is it also possible to add condition for "wait" such as shop interfaces/smithing interfaces etc?
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