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  1. Seems like an issue with the script itself. If not, I know with some VPS services, the actual specs that they list aren't always constant. Some servers will "borrow" virtual RAM or CPU (etc..) power from other VPSs and "lend" it to other ones that may need it more, especially if the VPS they are "borrowing" from is not fully using the virtual hardware it was set up with. Your issue could be that you're allocating too much RAM and since the clients may not be using all the allocated memory at one time, it may be erroring when it's trying to use RAM that isn't there. Maybe not, but it's still an idea. I'd definitely use less RAM though, 256mb is more than enough for each client (assuming one instance per client).
  2. I don't remember if we have access to only the data we upload ourselves or if we get priority access to all available data. Anyways, here's some more files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4rcq36m33w9s6mo/mouse_data.7z
  3. Oops, that's my bad. I thought you were still a mod.
  4. Okay, @Todd appears to be ignoring my questions and the issue is still unresolved. @TRiLeZ @Usa @Fluffee @Mute
  5. Just so I don't leave this unaddressed: You asked me what I was going to give to the master and I answered. I never said that that is the only thing I wanted coded in and never said that I wanted manual input removed. Also, when I said I had nothing to test it on: I was referring to a separate script to use with the Mule script, something I still don't have today. Now onto this: The summary of all of my disputes is that the scripter's ToS will be used against you at every turn and held in high regard, unless it is inconvenient to the scripter. This is exactly the response I was expecting to see, and I'm glad I have even more proof that the staff is not interested in forcing the scripter to honour their own ToS. The official response given to me is that essentially Assume, despite leaving a customer with two unfinished scripts and while mutually agreeing to give lifetime support, has now no obligation to honour those terms. With that, the customer is also now expected give even more money to Tribot and to pay possibly twice the amount of money in total, just to have the scripts they paid lifetime support for, finished. In the end, a scripter's word holds more weight than actual proof. I'm also interested to see where it states, as of August 2014, that scripters have no obligation to honour their own ToS; or where that it states that lifetime support equates to only 3 or 6 months.
  6. Directly after you force-refunded my 3rd script, you told me that you would be willing to add support for scripts made by other scripters for $25 each script. All you needed was their source. Shortly after, I paid Leespiker to re-create the White berry script. I've messaged Assume the Skype chat logs between October 1st - 3rd, the time where there was an update to the Mule script. The updates on December 10, 11 and 16 are all for the Air Orb script.
  7. Do you have proof that you tested the Mule script? Do you have proof that it ever fully worked? I don't remember you ever telling me that the script was finished. You did not 'explicitly' say that I could not add Mule support to scripts that weren't your own. You said the opposite, and I will supply a screenshot once I'm back at my computer. Again, I will happily share the full Skype history of October 2014 in private.
  8. A excellent observation. What does this have to do with the point I made? You can't claim something without proof and then say it was an assumption when I call you out on it. Throughout the entire month of October 2014, I never tested the Mule script nor did I post any bugs in Skype chat. Why? I couldn't and I've addressed this already... If a staff-member wants to see the entire Skype Chat history of October 2014, I will send it through PM. Absolutely untrue. I've addressed this claim multiple times now. Once again, I cannot fully test the Mule script without another fully-finished script (which also includes code to respond to and interact with the Mule script), and neither can you. You don't even have a test script for it. Recap: I was focusing on finishing the White berry script so that I could test the Mule script, but the White Berry script was converted into an Air Orb script, so testing had to start over. Later, I payed for a 3rd script that was another, revised version of the White berry script which was much cheaper to run and yielded far more profit, and so became the priority to finish. Months of works later, you give up on the White berry script and force-refund me, setting me back again and forcing me to have the White berry script re-created with Leespiker, which would take over a year before it neared completion. And in that time, I would begin messaging you about the updating the Mule script to have it work with Leespiker's script. You refused to work on it all, so two disputes later: here we are. Ignoring all of that, your ToS does not include a time limit for which I can dispute an unfinished script. In fact, it states that if a script is unfinished for whatever reason, I should be 100% refunded. This also nullifies your argument that you were busy with school - by your own words, that excuse doesn't matter.
  9. Yes, and I did 'test' it with the Air Orb script - I let the staff-members know that I have a 4-hour recording of both the scripts running side-by-side. Except that, I could test very little of the actual script because the script spends almost all of those 4-hours in the log-in screen, and all it does after that is log in, attempts to communicate with the 'slave' and ends the script. It does not try to buy supplies, it does not try to pick items up off the ground, and it does not attempt to trade with the 'slave'. There is also no indication whatsoever that the 'slave' recognized the communication. Late 2014 would've been when I was investing all of my time into testing the White Berry script, which would later turn into the Air Orb script and require more testing. The Mule script could not be tested without another script, I've mentioned this already and you know very well; I would have to finish another script first. Edit: I forgot to ask: what bug in October are you talking about?
  10. That should not and does not matter. I specifically requested this feature from the start so that it wouldn't have to be added later, and you never added it. There is nothing to argue here; the scripts are unfinished. That's partially true, but then you can't argue that I could've filed a dispute earlier because I had no way to know the full extent of what is working and what is not; or what is added and what is not - you actively refused to supply a way for me to know this. It is impossible to test every part of the scripts as is, which is why I asked you to create a test script. You've violated your own ToS on unfinished scripts and you claim to not have enough time to work on a script for over a year? That sounds like its time to refund.
  11. This is what Assume's response was, in case he tries to edit it in the future. Assume, I have been asking you to work on the scripts since September of last year - you had refused to do anything anytime I asked. You admit that I had Lifetime Support, and also by extension admit that you had been ignoring my bug-fix requests for over a year. You will say that you were busy with school, and yet you will pump out updates for your other scripts in that same time. Just look at your past week, for example. Had you not force-refunded my 3rd script you were making, maybe. As stated in the OP, that put a huge hole in my schedule. I had to have that script re-created with Leespiker, which would take over a year and most of my time. Once it was almost done, September of last year, I asked if you could create a way to test the Mule script (as there is no way to fully test the script). You said yes, but never delivered. From then on, I had to balance creating disputes against Leespiker for inactivity, testing my script with him, and finally: disputing against you. I have a finite amount of time. Actually, that's not true. There was supposed to be support for a White Berry script as well as an Air Orb script. Besides that, I did ask that you make it so that I could manually type in the names of the items that the Mule was supposed to take and deliver, as I was planning on using the Mule for multiple scripts. You also acknowledged what I asked. Here is the screenshot again:
  12. 1. Script Author: @Assume2. Link to Script's Thread: Deleted3. Date Purchased: August 29, 2014 (Two Scripts)4. What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): One, Two, Three6. Issue(s): Re-opening because I have further proof that I had payed for Lifetime support, and that my scripts were never finished ... Still refuses to work on either of my scripts. Some Context: There are two scripts: A Mule/farm manager and an Air Orb Charging script (The Air Orb script was originally a White Berry script, but was changed later). They were purchased together so that they would run in parallel and supply each other. Just so it is clear: the reason for these late disputes are due to the payment of Lifetime support - I did not expect, nor was told, that I was on a 'time limit.' Also, there was a third script that I had payed Assume to create but he stopped working on it and refunded me its cost after months of work. I had to get that same script re-created by another scripter, which was taking over a year to test, before I could even focus on or even properly test the scripts I purchased from Assume. Unfortunately for me, Leespiker was the scripter I hired for that task so I was set back even further. Some Proof of Lifetime Support Here is Assume's updated ToS (Edited September 10th, 2014 - 12 days after my purchase). Here is Assume stating that the change in ToS did not effect me. However, since Assume has refused to provide any proof that lifetime support was removed, and claims that I only had 90 days of support, I have to use the updated version. On the updated ToS, the first 1st and 2nd lines under 'Payment & Script Information' specifies that 90 days after the script is completed, additional support has to be purchased, and can be purchased in unlimited quantities of 90-days. Although, Assume contradicts this in an old Skype message that confirms that, as per the old ToS, I get bug fixes for free - no where in Skype or Tribot history is there any mention or suggestion of a 90-day limit that applied to me. This also ties into my 2nd point. Proof of Unfinished Scripts I will prefix this with Assume's updated ToS again. The 1st line under 'Payment & Information' specifies that 90 days after script completion, support will be revoked. Additionally, the 4th line under 'Terms & Conditions' states, "If I don't finish your script for whatever reason, your payment will be 100% refunded." 1. Here are all of the features/details I requested for the original scripts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight 2. Here are all of the features/details I requested for when the White Berry script was changed to an Air Orb script: One, Two, Three Here is a gif of the Mule/farm manager script running: There is a menu pop-up when the script starts. It asks for the RSN of the 'slave' account and the location of where it will meet up with it, and it has the option of creating profiles and loading them. However, it is missing the option to choose what items it will take from/give to the slave. As seen from above, that is exactly what I requested be added and was acknowledged by Assume. Here is a gif of the Air Orb script running: Similarly to the Mule script, it does not ask what items to take from/give to the 'master' account, but this time it also does not ask what location to meet the 'master' at. It only asks for the RSN of the 'master' account. I also have a 4-hour recording (Mule script is time-triggered every 4 hours) of these two scripts running together. At the end, the 'master' attempts to communicate with the 'slave' by typing its name into public chat, but the 'slave' does not recognize the communication and does not respond, nor is there any indication of such, which is what it is supposed to do - it likely does not have any code to do so. I didn't include the link to the video here because it has the RSNs of 2 of my accounts; if a staff-member wants to see the video, I will send it through PM. I also have a cut-version that shows the last minute of the 4-hour recording if you'd like to see that instead. Conclusion If Assume still claims that I did not pay for Lifetime Support, he should be required to supply proof of that claim - I have supplied proof supporting my claim, and he has zero proof supporting his. Besides that, I have clear proof that he had never finished either script, which should be enough by itself; this violates his ToS, and by his own words, I should be entitled to a full refund for both scripts.
  13. 1. Script Author: @Leespiker 2. Link to Script's Thread: Deleted 3. Date Purchased: January 4, 2016 4. What type of duration did you purchase: LifeTime 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): One, Two (most recent) - Three, Four, Five, Six (earlier) 6. Issue(s): Inactive twice, back-to-back, for 3+ weeks each (and still ongoing). I asked Leespiker to specify a limit for how long he can be inactive for since it wasn't specified before (and was causing issues)... he said "three weeks" - which he has broken multiple times since specifying. He has no time to work on my script, refuses to refund me, and insists that I be stuck with a broken script. It took him nearly a month just to add an additional line in the script debugger/paint ("Toggling prayer: yes/no") to aid in fixing a bug that has been breaking the script for months.
  14. @Assume so you're saying 90-days, correct?
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