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  1. legit dude, sold me over 50m over many many trades. Really fast! Another bonus: Traded me over duel arena and wherever i wanted, not the basic free world lumby trades
  2. No, it needs to be through paypal. dont have anything else hahah, so only talking with dragon knight now. But he has no money atm, so i need one more skype name hahah. Prices doesnt matter too much as long as its not over the hills expensive
  3. If you are trusted (have some vouches) i will buy freqent osrs money. i will buy in quantities of minimum 10 mill osrs Post your skype name or send me a pm and i will contact you. I have no problems paying over the normal rates.
  4. What you are thinking oif a program like proxycap, Op should download porxycap and redirect all osbuddy's traffic through your proxy
  5. hahaha, just looked on zybez and there is a guy named X selling 100k for 65gb. dont post on zybez and tribot at the same time
  6. how long has it been running`?
  7. i could do it within 1 week for 6m and if u give me 2 weeks i will do it for 5m
  8. i could do it for 1m (so expensive because i have to do it without botting)
  9. what ores and price ea?
  10. today i botted 28 hours of mining xD (5 minute breaks each hour)
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