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  1. Yes, however skills like fletching or cooking would work in different worlds, and if the camera sway couldnt be fixed by up arrows or clicking compass, you could always fletch in the inventory or do magic. enchant bolts etc. Think about pking lol! Did more research @Sphinnx, the owner of that site said "ISBoxer will only work with DirectX or OpenGL game clients. It will not run multiple instances of your browser or handle multiple tabs within your browser." It sounds like runescape probably won't work because it is java. I might try this anyway though - still no replies from any scripters on my skype. It certainly can't be that hard to mirror actions from one account to another.
  2. Yea. Woudln't you pay 75 bucks for a bot like this, even on public? The ability to multibox and get away with it would bring runescape to a whole new level with the low ban rates? How much would you pay dugo?
  3. All we really need is a way for a scripter to implement a multi-boxing program into runescape and have it affect it so that it works on different worlds for each bot. That ISBOXing program did not list runescape under supported games though.
  4. YEA, what about just clicking the compass though, instant reset boom! xD hell, could still train magic and click minimap!! hell, add in option for each bot to constantly press up arrow and it should work to reset camera. so many ways to solve that!! Click minimap! So many ways to solve this problem!!!
  5. The only thing the Scripter has to do is mirror the clicks and mouse movement of the control account!!! It's so simple!!!! Talk about f2p smithing profit for instance!!!! BEST IDEA YET, using your own clicks so hardly any bans!! Go on seperate worlds and have it imitate the leader, holy mackerel!! Endless possibilities! Who wants to do this, make a public script even and make a sht load of money!
  6. A lot of reasons, think of the possibilities, it takes multilogging to a whole new level: > limitless possibilities to goldfarm. For instance, fletching for profit. > 99 fletching, 99 agility, 99 smithing, 99 runecrafting, 99 magic on multiple accounts etc at same time. > Ability to quest on all accounts at same time > Ability to merch all items at same time most likely, ability to buy out feathers or any items you want. > Duplicates an type of accounts you want > Could duplicate any skill except mining, wc, slayer, strength, attack, or H.P. or farming, (though you could work around this by doing pc for combat skills). Could work around by having each bot duplicate you but go on a different world!!!! > Massive helper to account makers/sellers. 10 mith glove accounts for 29.99 ea in 3 hours? > possibly a Low ban rate since the bot essentially just "using" your clicks, especially if there was an option to copy the leader but on a DIFFERENT WORLD > could be best idea on tribot to this day!
  7. SEE MY THIRD POST ON HERE [Please price each labeled item individually] Ideally I would like bot to: 1. Complete tutorial island on f2p. 2. Recognizes the leader account, which isn’t a bot. a. Option to follow leader in a conga line, or a giant dot. 3. Imitates what the leader account does a. imitates leader’s text, text color, and style within three seconds after the server displays leader’s message. i. needs to be simultaneous with the other bots though. Can’t have one bot say OINK at one second after message, and bot number 8 say OINK 2 seconds after the message. Has to be same game tick. b. imitates leader’s actions option i. all leader’s clicks and click locations and mouse movement. If leader opens up report interface, the rest of accounts open report interface and can report the person the leader does. ii. Emotes iii. Home-tele 4. Has option to have the bots only type in public chat regardless of where the leader is typing, to hide the leader’s texts. 5. Has preset messages, that are sent regardless of what leader types. 6. Ability to mass login and logout per recognizing what the leader says in game. i.e LOGIN my minions, Logoff Essentially the bot is watching the leaders actions and then copying them, but with several options added in. What options are easiest, what options are cheapest to do, if it was public how cheap would it be? My skype is redrunert to discuss
  8. Here's my files sir, all 20, uploaded to Jumpshare: http://jmp.sh/nPRtVOd Can I please have access as well?
  9. Deleting the bin folder solves the problem of tribot opening, but it does not solve the problem of even running a script, requiring you are vip when you don't need to be.
  10. still broken, can't run a script, or even push start without it saying I need to be vip to run other instances, yet this is the only instance
  11. it won't even load for me even though I have the newest updated version
  12. Login cap issue has been solved I think. It's just this darn script freezing when trying to select a world to hop to, on the world selection screen itself. Still persists even after the update unfortunately. The bot is still active but it decides to stop moving the cursor and then I get 3 login failed messages before it decides to do nothing until I intervene. I get at most 26 ores a night as a result lol. I mean just look at all the login fails at world select screen:
  13. here is some proof to help you. cursor usually hovers over the world or to the side of the world select screen, cursors moves out of way because i move it to take an ss; its like the script to do that just freezes randomly:
  14. Looks like most of the issues have been fixed and I appreciate that. The only major glitch left is when it freezes on world selection screen, it just writes it as failed logon attemp twice then doesn't move cursor. I tried adjusting mouse speed and nothing seems to solve it. Happens about every 20 minutes when runite hopping? I will provide more details later, is anyone else having this problem?
  15. I purchased this and there are a few bugs that severely hamper runite world hop mining to the point it's not even worth it; at most 5-6 runite an hour. jagex implemented a login per minute cap, the bot freezes for hours if you do about 4 logins per minute while searching for runite. The bot also freezes for hours on end while on the world switch screen; it some times mis licks a world and then gives up. It also frequently wanders around burthorpe in a loop and gets lost for hours on end trying to find a bank, if It walks even 3 squares farther east then the pub it will brake. Additionally the player detection is weak. If some one logs in After you login, the bot will not hop and you will get reported frequently. Rock stealing feature is broken too. Do not buy this script for runite hopping; I guarantee you will be disappointed until all these bugs are fixed.
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