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  1. Hi, first a small problem, not sure if I should post it here but o well: If I stop the script after ~10h, the client debug tells me dynamic signature data submission succesful. If I open my dynamic signature afterwards, it isn't updated.. It still tells me I only ran this script 14h, but in reality I already ran it for ~5 days. Name of Script: TAU Motherlode Miner Script Version: 4.1.4 TRiBot Version: 9.230_7 Java Version: 1.8.0_60 Operating System: Windows 7 Using Looking Glass (y/n): N Using VPS (y/n): N Using Tabs (y/n): N Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): Nothing. Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY
  2. One of my bots got skulled last night and had the other bug another 3 times. One time it, again, put my rune scimitar in the looting bag & couldn't find it anymore. Other two times it put my rune chainbody in the looting bag & couldn't find it anymore.
  3. Thanks & Thanks for the updates today. Seems to be working great now. Only encountered one strange problem, script stopped because it couldn't find a rune scimitar (didn't die or anything so rune scimitar was just gone??).. Turns out: He put my rune scimitar in the looting bag and put the looting bag on the bank so he couldn't find it anymore hehe.
  4. I am also having this problem, fairly often since yesterday. Can confirm it has something to do with a full looting bag which cant be emptied because it is in the bank. Edit. This is now becoming a very COMMON problem. The current problems (with the pkers just dropping dragon legs & taking whips + bank problem) are causing an impossibility to run the script AFK. ##edit2. @Usa Any ETA on the update?
  5. Script still not right clicking the dragons very well, really lowers my profit/hr. Please fix this.
  6. This is a bug and should be fixed. Still not always right clicking the dragon and waiting to be attacked. gz on the premium, script deserves it. Would be nice if that last bug could be solved.
  7. I probably will since it is by far the best green dragon script out there. Starting every account on 70/60/60. Currently 5 running, started with 1.
  8. Script works great at the moment. Only problem I encounter is the bot not right clicking which makes the bot idle for some time between looting and attacking a new dragon. Thank you (:
  9. It almost never uses right click to attack a dragon. It will just stay there with status 'Moving mouse over Green dragon' and do absolutely nothing. If this gets fixed profit/hr will easily be 1.5 times as much as it is now. Apart from that, script works perfect.
  10. Every time he tries to switch world after a failed PK attempt he just chooses the same world over and over again but doesn't log in. Also: Maybe an idea to add world switcher support instead of logging out and logging in?
  11. Very often doesn't right click on the dragons, then waits until a dragon goes aggressive on you.. Wastes a lot of time.
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