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  1. What kind of rates? I've got ~40m eoc gold, would gladly trade for 07.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i'll give it a go and see if it withdraws the food. Regarding the looting of knives... The only option is "loot arrows", i've tried the bot several time with this option ticked and unticked and neither will actually pick up the knives. I also tried experimenting with how many arrows in a stack before it picks them up. The default value of 10 didn't pick up any, so I changed it to 1 and still none were picked up at all, are you sure this actually loots knives? I was messing around for about 30minutes trying every option but whatever I did it just wouldn't pick up any knives. Please look into this, or at least try it for yourself. Cheers.
  3. my bot is not taking food out of the bank it will do an entire run and once it gets back to the bank it will not take out the lobsters, and also after setting it to loot arrows, it doesnt actually loot them, it leaves my black knifes on the floor please sort this out, didnt want to waste money on this Many thanks Aaron
  4. my bot is just stopping i have had over 15 hour proggies with it and now its just standing still right next to the animator for no reason whatsoever tried re running the script multiple times doesnt seem to work! i will try and keep it running overnight tonight if it doesn not work again i will keep you informed, was working fine just before tribot update?:l
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