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  1. cause they want you to spend more money
  2. lol I appreciate your signature are they legit? i need gp ^^
  3. nah dont its a free script they are just all leeching just abort this tbh lol
  4. its a simple way to make you spend more money on tribot's client
  5. cause f2p has a very high banrate members have lower banrate (jagex watches f2p more heavily) stop trying to get spoon feed and do some research lazy kid you won't get near 99 in either skills anyway
  6. wtf noob? btw ur script is bot like when it walks to the npc from bank it right clicks 10x to succeed very nice have a nice day flamer
  7. I have java 8u45 installed on my centos 6 vps but whenever I try to load tribot nothing shows up not even the box to log yourself in does anyone have a solution for this problem ? kind of regards
  8. hello @erickho123 can you make this sell your items to ge like when it runs out money, for example if you are buying an item from varrock stores once it runs out of money itll run to ge and sell it and go back to what it was doing?
  9. bigboy01


    meant to say cant load tribot on centos vps, can somebody help me out? ty
  10. hello i tried to open tribot on my centos vps but it wont when open i have java 8 installed kind regards if someone can help me please
  11. Payment Type: - OSGP / Paypal Time: within a week Additional: add on skype to discuss the method - runescape.business paying good for quality.
  12. willing to pay decent, can pay in osgp/paypal skype runescape.business thanks
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