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  1. @Tri Im sorry but Im searching for a free, simple superheater..
  2. Hello scripters, Is there any working superheat script that supports iron ore and banking ? Currently are none that are working and some of the scriptwriters are banned so they can't update it anymore It would be great if someone had a superheat script! Thanks!
  3. script = gg sstuff doesnt work anymore... now i don't know how to heat 3700 iron orens by hand -,-
  4. @TRiLeZ Thank you for being so helpfull, I will now re-buy it.
  5. That's exactly the thing I want to know, if I can just simply add another $0,42 on top off that I will do it immediately. Little edit: I've tried to send another $1,00 to see if it get's activated but that didn't worked either...............
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemans, This is more a question to admin's who maybe can help me. So I tried to buy VIP member by using Bitcoins worth of $6,50. I bought about €7,00 worth of Bitcoins. When I tried to make the payment some stuff went wrong and instead of sending $6,50 the results of the payment was $6,08 ( see link: http://gyazo.com/33f05ba14140593bbf7a65b0d08baeef ) And now my question is, is it possible to pay the remaining asked money to fully activate the license or is it possible to get the amount send refunded so I can re-send the proper amount ? Kind regards, Blackindy!
  7. Bot keeps logging out after 45 minutes of banking iron ore. When it logs out I can't login weird enough... Any ideas? cheers
  8. 100% legit. sended paypal money, and about 15-20 seconds later i become VIP
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