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  1. I do worry though, what if I want to create accounts intended to use for selling thus needing a valid and usable email address?
  2. I'm considering getting back into the botting scene and am very interested in your script. Does this script use non-existent email adresses? If not, I was wondering which is a good Email account creator.
  3. Banking and logout do indeed work fine, but it automatically logs you out when you tick the logout settings for food and shit. It also gets stuck in an infinite banking loop if you let the settings withdraw runite bolts
  4. Bought this script yesterday. Got banned within a day. The script walks around like a bot quite often for no reason(stuck), not all functions like logout or bank work properly. Almost as if it has never been tested by the scripter.
  5. Gets stuck when trying to open the door while status is "Crossing log", it just stands before the door. Also randoms like swarm and evil chicken kill my characters, might add going down ladder as combat solver. Sometimes script just randomly stops as well with this error: [21:21:57] [LAN]AntiBan: Scheduled h to happen in: 180 seconds.[21:22:15] java.lang.NullPointerException[21:22:15] at scripts.LANChaosKiller.I(LANChaosKiller.java:476)[21:22:15] at scripts.State$3.c(LANChaosKiller.java:205)[21:22:15] at scripts.LANChaosKiller.run(LANChaosKiller.java:290)[21:22:15] at java.lang.Thread.run(
  6. Withdrawing from bank works fine now, would be cool if you increased the speed for grinding tho it can do it way quicker.
  7. Banking doesn't work. Not for grinding sq'irks not for exchanging sq'irks. This script can't withdraw anything from bank. It just right clicks the item, moves the mouse to the right and right clicks the item again. It simply does nothing but this. Please look into this Mute
  8. This update decreases CPU usage of TriBot ALOT! Instead of my 24 account limit I can run 40 accounts now with 70-100% cpu usage. Thank you very much TriLez
  9. Well it clearly states on your forum thread that it's unlimited accounts/auth. I think you should change that, kind of a bad customer impression if you'd ask me? I bought this script with the need for more than 5 accounts not knowing this wasn't for unlimited accounts. I feel like I've been assfucked and that I'm forced to buy more auths, but I'm not going to buy anymore.
  10. Without using break handler you get instantly banned. Also when I run 5 accounts it's my limit for auths I can't run anymore? It's unlimited accounts per auth right? Found a bug aswell: When grinding sqirks it just right clicks the object ( beer glass, autumn sq'irk) and moves the mouse, and right clicks the object again and it's stuck in this loop. So gridning is malfunctioning this counts for all other sq'irks aswell
  11. When in autumn garden, and the break handler end and the account logs back in, it just stays in the garden on a safe spot where it logged out doing nothing.
  12. [15:20:11] [Location: Barbarian Village] [Fish: Trout/Salmon] [Option: Bank] [16:12:25] No longer in reach of fishing area. Stopping script. [16:12:28] Successfully updated statistics for user: baado1 [16:12:28] Script Ended: Encoded Fisher. While it's walking to, or from the bank I get this message " No longer in reach of fishing area" and script stops. Sometimes this happens within 1 hour sometimes within 12 hours?
  13. n3ss3s you should seriously consider fixing the teleporting bug and opening door bug, it's really annoying and it's the #1 reason the script stops working
  14. Or TriLez can update the bot according to the changes in the API to make it working again, however this may take a while but in the long run it should be an improvement. Here by I also ask you TriLez to make it possible to optionally run older versions of TriBot
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