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  1. Has anyone else had the script randomly stop using spacebar with the interface that pops up in the chat box after using a secondary on an unf, and instead start pressing "2"? This has happened several times now, I come back and find that the script has been pressing 2 every 7 or 8 seconds for an hour. It happens randomly, and for no apparent reason. I'll task it with making 1500 potions for instance, and I'll come back and find 734 potions made, and the script just sitting there pressing 2. I enabled the 6 minute XP failsafe, but that's a bandaid fix. I can give more details is needed.
  2. Well this is probably an error on my part, but I start the script, I've tried with nothing in inventory, pipe only, and both molten glass and pipe. Occasionally with both molten glass and pipe it starts, but can't bank. It just opens the bank and sits there. When I start with either pipe only, or nothing, it just banks and withdraws the pipe repeatedly. This is using the "glass" argument. I also tried w/o lg, but it didn't seem any different.
  3. I'm not new to this, I'm aware. But when you use a small group of scripts across multiple accounts for years, and never get any bans, and then as soon as you get careless and and use a dodgy script, within 24 hours you get a ban... it's not too hard to connect the dots. It's happened before with other dodgy scripts. a couple years ago I lost a high level main due to using an item buying script, and I lost an alt once to using a chaos druid bot. Both times I had botted extensively with a small group of scripts for a long time.
  4. I admit to not having tried your script, I'll give it a shot. @Encoded You the man @warfront1 What I meant was that I used the script for two hours, during the day saturday, and then early sunday morning I logged in coming back from eating or w/e and found the ban. And as always, I'm well aware that no script comes with any guarantees, and it's always on the user, etc. I'm not blaming you. And this was a month or so ago, it might even have been a different script. But it was one of the old AIO crafters; might have been USA's. I edited the OP so as not to make you look too bad.
  5. Title. The scripts that currently work are profiled by jagex and will get banned. Just something that makes glass/leather/jewelry, etc, and has the level of polish and variable antiban features that @Aropupu's agility or mining script has would be really good. Re. the claim of the currently existing scripts being profiled - I can bot for years with a few known good scripts, like aAgility, Tri's combat script, @Naton's smither, etc, and get multiple 99's, but run an old, not too well maintained (Even if functional) crafting script for two hours and get a two day ban - on a main with 1500+ total, no previous offences, and nearly quest cape. That is 100% the script being detected by botwatch. It happened during what would have been like 2am sunday morning jagex time, and it said botbusting ban, so 100% not a manual ban. Just saying there's definitely a hole in the market here.
  6. Yeah. that's putting it lightly. ~~~ For those of you using this for slayer, how do you handle superiors? Do you just add them as additional targets? If so how do you get the IDs? And how do you know that it will fight the superior and not the others? I don't want to miss out on superiors...
  7. Seven blessing upon you my friends It's back to normal.
  8. uh I am using it actually. I'll try without, that's probably it I suppose. But tomorrow, I have to sleep right now xD
  9. So in the past I've always used OSB for LG and had no serious issues. I came back to RS today, cleared .tribot folder and jagex cache (As I usually do when I come back after a break), and found that when hooking LG to OSB I just got a black screen in the tribot client. I downloaded the all platforms version of runelite and it hooked into LG flawlessly, except that all the clicks are off a little bit, but enough that basically no script works. I tried a script with a normal client (Not LG) and the script runs fine, so it's an issue with LG. Is this an issue that you have had? If I can't get runelite to work I'd be content with getting OSB to work.
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