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  1. I did not freaking know that after experience it my self...lost 12 bots at the same time. I was like wtf happend? Did I use the same proxy for all the accounts.
  2. 2x4 fresh accounts were banned both times in one dayxD was using two proxies on each 2 accounts
  3. added you could you sell me now?
  4. Pm me price. not going first if you aren't trusted.
  5. guess I am doing some tut island tonight then =/
  6. do they still work since jagex added polling to the tut island?
  7. hmm but I hate doing all the tut island on all of them...are you using any proxies while botting?
  8. I don't want to chill out=/ with a set up of 6 bots I can make 24m each day(need 1 day to prepare them). losing money when im chilling=p
  9. it seems that im so unlucky...in the past 15 days ive got atleast 20 accounts banned... on my own Ip and proxies... anyone got some advice?<3
  10. so if proxies doesn't work what does?
  11. So today I got permanent banned on 6 different account while they were on 3 different proxies(2 account on each proxy). They all got permanent banned at the same time. so my question is do proxies even work? I am getting permanent banned each and every time...(2 account were just 1 day old).
  12. is this worth buying now? I am getting 250-290 red chins p/h atm with ahunter at lvl 90 hunting. I it worth buying this one instead for more chins p/h?
  13. sometimes I feel like there is no reason anymore to play the game...on the other side I don't=p I am just botting for some money^^
  14. the bot often stops because it got scammed 3 times but when I look at my invertory cash stack I only lost 1 game. someone know how to fix this?
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