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  1. Piranshar

    Purchase VIP

    I am pretty sure i have?..... i think it was used to be 3m? for 30 days premium? isnt this correct? or am i wrong? please correct me if im wrong. but i used to remmber it costed 3m for 30 days of premium? and if it does? who is selling this premium? Please help , thank you.
  2. Piranshar

    Purchase VIP

    I dont want to buy runescape gold, I used to purchase premium for 3m Oldschool cash on this website. I cant find the option to do it...
  3. Piranshar

    Purchase VIP

    Hey guys, how can i purchase VIP with OSRS 07 money? i dont find this option anymore..? would be nice to get help. thank you all.
  4. Sir , i do that for safty reasons, i hope you understand.
  5. http://imgur.com/dHWMSt9 Is this correct?
  6. http://imgur.com/dHWMSt9 Is this correct?
  7. Just a second and you can reply me again
  8. i can show you 1 more picture
  9. ok, i guess i got scammed from imposter then ...
  10. here : http://imgur.com/0WFSMNj
  11. it doesnt allowed me, but i can add you privatly and send you the picture.
  12. Can you see the picture now?
  13. how can i post the picture? i got the picuture and everything idk how to post it :\
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