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  1. I will try it again. If this works, I fucking love you.
  2. Yeah, I commented in the thread. It's the Wintertodt area. It would be really nice to have as there really isn't a good way to walk in that area right now. A lot of tiles come back null due to the region half loading when signing in, etc.. Edit: That was vague, my Rainbow game was starting. I commented in the daxwalker thread with the nullpointer from trying to path there.
  3. I have a couple questions around the Tribot walking capabilities. There is Walking and WebWalking, what is the difference between them? The second is when using WebWalking it feels like the bot always clicks the minimap with a really small gap in between locations. If I use Walking instead, it will click the furthest visible tile on the minimap, is there a way to get WebWalking to do this? To clarify, I did try to use daxwalker, but it is not set up for the area I am in. Thanks!
  4. Do you use proxies / mac spoofing? There is a lot of speculation that if you get banned for botting your ip / mac address are flagged. Any new accounts from either of those flagged items will be monitored more closely by their systems, which makes banning the next one a little faster due to being detected faster. You also didn't specify your botting habits. Are you suicide botting, or only a few hours a day? I never seem to have an issue until the Relleka course. It can be tempting to bot for hours and hours on agility, but realistically most people can only handle that skill in chunks of
  5. Yeah, I'm using your most current branch on git. I found it on a thread posted recently. That would be much appreciated. I will reach out to @Encoded as well to see if he would be willing to give me some instruction on how to handle pathing in the area until then. Thanks!
  6. Is this usable in the Wintertodt area? I am getting a null pointer when I try to use it here: [15:08:11] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:08:11] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.local_pathfinding.Reachable$Direction.isValidDirection(Reachable.java:304) [15:08:11] at scripts.dax_api.walker.utils.path.DaxPathFinder.getMap(DaxPathFinder.java:179) [15:08:11] at scripts.dax_api.walker.utils.path.PathUtils.getFurthestReachableTileInMinimap(PathUtils.java:35) [15:08:11] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.WalkerEngine.walkPath(WalkerEngine.java:91) [15:08:11] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.DaxWal
  7. I'll put it in and comment back on the improvements lol. Probably going to be night and day. Thanks!
  8. Is daxwalker an essential for pathing? I feel like I see a lot of tutorials not using it, so I assumed it wasn't used in every script lol.
  9. Title says it... Web walking doesn't click the minimap more than a few tiles out, and Walking is much better. I have since moved to using PathFinding.generatePath to generate the path, and Walking.clickTileMM for all my walking needs. It works decent, but there are some hitches I'm hitting, and I feel like it's a bit much and tends to take a bit to calculate in some scenarios. I'm new to scripting, and pathing is evading me.
  10. Hello, I am looking through the API docs, but I can't seem to find anything around inventory management. Does anything exist for moving items around in the inventory, or is that something we would have to make? Thanks.
  11. Going to guess this won't be fixed until the Tribot api is fixed for handling banking. Nothing the scripter can do until that is fixed.
  12. Yeah, ever since I switched to osbuddy it has been working pretty well. I do have a question though, it seems like it banks after 2 rounds every time. I have it set to bank at 1 food, tried changing it to bank at 3, food it still banks at 2 crates. I am using cakes and have it withdraw 5 every round. I still have typically 4 sometimes all 5 left and it will still bank after 2 crates. Is there a way to make is that the script will run until you are at the amount of food you specified to bank at? Regardless of how many crates you have in the trip. @Encoded Or add a slot
  13. Interesting note.... I was using the osrs official client at first and it was giving me a ton of issues. I switched over to osbuddy and now the script seems to be running just fine. Not sure what the difference is, but yeppp works better now.
  14. It is looking like it commonly gets stuck in the lighting brazier step of the script. This is happening on southeast side, ill try southwest and see if its better. Note: It skips to the lighting brazier step even though the brazier was lit and it was supposed to enter the step where it puts kindling into the fire. Note2: It happens on both sides for me. After I finish fletching, I run to the brazier, and it says 'feeding brazier' as the status until it reaches the brazier then it switches to lighting brazier and it just stands there doing nothing unless the brazier goes out. T
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