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  1. What do you mean by not working?
  2. I'll be posting some up soon finally finished on my last little project. Any ETA when highscores might be back?
  3. While a lot of people already know this, I have seen a lot of people asking how to appeal a ban, thinking that when it says 'unappealable' they mean it, even if the ban is permanent. This guide will outline how to go about appealing a permanently banned account. While this does not work 100% of the time, personally I have had a lot of success doing this. TLDR 1. Google "Runescape appeal a ban" 2. Complete the form and say account was hijacked 3. Wait for response which will take a couple of days Requirements - Banned on different IP to creation IP (not required, but it definitely helps) - IP to appeal ban on (ideally creation IP, but just needs to be different to IP account was banned on) - Email access to account Instructions 1. Search on your web browser "Runescape appeal a ban". It is the first result that comes up. 2. Go through the options on the web page, selecting the following: Banned Yes Yes No Appeal my ban 3. Log into your banned account when prompted. 4. Fill in your email address you'd like to be contacted on, and select the following options in the drop down box: 5. Click submit. It will usually take a couple of days to get a response, and while it doesn't work all the time it is pretty common for your account to get unbanned this way. You can only appeal 2-3 accounts within a certain time period per IP, so proxies might be useful here. Example of end result 16 accounts appealed, 13 unbanned. For anyone who didn't already know about this, I hope this helps!
  4. @JerryJelly97 no worries. I will give some pointers but I won't be able to give you a step by step plan. Firstly, and most importantly you need to work out what you expect to achieve. Be realistic. Expect to fail a lot at the beginning, but be meticulous in noting down what worked and more importantly what didn't. Send accounts out at different times, using slightly different training patterns etc. A time old saying which is also relevant here, it takes money to make money. You can't expect to have 0 investment and make good returns. For example, the same script on F2P and P2P will do significantly better on P2P. I don't recommend F2P as a money making method, you are better off buying gold. As for P2P methods, there are a huge amount of premium scripts that cover a huge variety of activities. Again you need to ask yourself, do I want a high profit method that has a very high account turnover? If so, Blast Furnace (nBlastFurnace) or MMF (Just Mort Myre Fungus) can both be decent. If you're looking for lower intensity methods also think about making cannonballs (nSmither) or something that has low click intensity. You can also look into levelling up accounts to sell to other people (they use these for botting). Good scripts for this would be JBotStarter Ulimate Ed. and G.Quester. Other popular methods include nGDK, Netami Barrows, Worthy Zulrah, God's Revenants - there are a tonne of other ones too just have to have a look around. Basically there are a bunch of options, but the method you pick has to represent the effort you are willing to put in over a long period, it's great being able to do it for a week or two but if you're bored/burnt out then that method isn't for you. As far as proxies go, I buy them from Rune Proxies. I'd also recommend looking into membership codes instead of bonds, they are a lot cheaper. There are a few sellers through Discord that are reputable and have sold 1,000's of them. Hope that helped!
  5. Are they fresh accounts which were created on proxies? Accounts created on proxies (that are bad quality) will often be flagged. Worthy's scripts are always good (and that script is maintained well) but having a quick look at that script and there are over 20k users of it (higher amount of data for Jagex to profile and use as flags). Rule of thumb for scripts Private (if you can justify it) > Premium > Free. I'm also guessing you were botting in F2P. If so ban rates are also a lot higher, so botting a very commonly botted NPC (cows) doesn't surprise me that it was banned quicker. Same as above really, 18k users and that hasn't been updated since 2018. Proxy 6 are not good proxies. I'd recommend doing a check of the proxy quality on a site like https://iphub.info/ or https://www.ipqualityscore.com/free-ip-lookup-proxy-vpn-test Apart from that stuff bans are inevitable. If you're running F2P expect bans to be relatively frequent and profits as well will be lower. P2P has a lot of options, and I would not recommend Cows or Chickens for training combat. A lot is trial and error (but a lot of quests offer combat XP). Check out premium scripts as well. While there are good free scripts out there (and all the scripters of the scripts you used are top quality), Premium scripts are guaranteed to be maintained and all premium scripters have to meet high coding standards.
  6. As well as the one added to Tribot, there is also this discord which has a lot of accoount provides, gold sellers, service providers etc. https://discord.gg/YQm8UX
  7. Read my post again and check the note bit
  8. Just here, also be sure to check out the different "Break Basis" settings. There has been a huge increase in functionality through the new break handler. Note: You need to add at least one break for the repeat option to be visible.
  9. Really good idea! I used to use Assume's staker back in the day - will be nice to see an updated one. And always a good potential for some decent profit/hr with this
  10. I'll definitely be checking that out again soon i think! A good chance I will need to send 10 or so accounts through there at some point
  11. Have you looked into this one? From my understanding its a really solid script.
  12. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/
  13. You need VIP-E for human mouse data. As you are only VIP that's why. Everything will continue to work as normal though
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