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  1. why would you Bot an account with already few 99's ? 9+10 ? YOU STUPIDDDDDDD!!?
  2. Just sold 50M Oldschool Runescape on 8/12/2014 took 5 min the deal. Very trusted and quick delivery money in-game + as money sending. Definitely recommend this guy as your dealer!

  3. stop botting there l0l! i just got last night botted cause i botted there lmfoa just saying dude u better watch out!
  4. not replying waiting fking 3hours already..
  5. Please a someone link me to someone who can reply quick and fast on skype instead of all these fuck faces making me wait for hours for to buy some gp! rofl#
  6. Ye lol i dont understand ive been botting on my main 99 range/magic 97+ str/hp over 50m when osrs when 2-3months out almost maxed main now not even 1 ban warn.. i bot once on my pure for strenght training instant ban xd!
  7. If you have never been bannad before on youre IP it should give you always in the begin a 2Days ban.. after still being bannad, and bot on a new account you get a instant ban.. A well it was an ALT account.. i just care more about the 11-15mil i had on it then the dam account haha!
  8. Dam man, Siriously botting is almost not possible anymore cause of the huge Gold Farmers making daily $10k's of just selling Rsgp so the are taking it now siriously on bots... even if you where training strenght for 30mins Straight a permantly ban these days..
  9. Sup guys, eve been legitly training magic 1/54 and strenght 1/55 been only botting it for 2 days few quick levels. And when i was taking a break off it so didnt bot for 1-2days. While at work i came back home, figured out my account still got bannad.. it was ofline it wasnt in somebody's else control or anything... What do you guys think on this?
  10. Quests are the fasts way for 1-40 otherwise gl on waiting till the seeds are done 2-3 hours...
  11. Hey guys i bought the map pack China rising for bf4 for any sony playstation 3/4 but did buy it as country US -.- so i am not able to use it and already bought a good one... Its a $20 map pack card i am selling for $15 paypal whit a middleman or 1on1. ( you dont have to be in US to redeem card you can also create a new ps3 account as in US to just redeem the card ) figured that later out -..- PM me if intressted or comment. No refunds after card been used or traded !
  12. Defil3d i

    Monk Bot

    O ok! i might try it out later, it is healing itself for 13hours i even did bring food in inventory it still did heal it self 40-45 levels in 14hours. + hitpoints levels Cb 38 haha
  13. i dont understand why people would bot 2 accounts on the same time whitout even a VPN, you are kind of fucked up lol just buy an main account lol :/
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