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  1. Still for sale? Looking to get back into my gold farm and need start up cash. Registered for over 2 years, 100% positive feedback and tons of vouches.
  2. Love the splash page, The script repo look for your script display is very cool. Very clean and neat, Awesome website!
  3. @haerfa Not trying to spam this thread, However the tags I believe were purchased by him to increase his chance of a sale. 5 USD For Donor 8 USD for VIPE --------------------------Total 13 USD investment to scam near 100 USD worth of gold. TRADE WITH CAUTION USERS!
  4. If I may ask, Do you honestly think someone is gonna do a 30m trade with you? You have 0 feedback, 7 posts, and have been a member for under 24 hours.
  5. I will do this job, However, do you want this legitly done?
  6. No need for a script for just this one location / idea. There are many AIO combat scripts like DaxCombatAIO that supports prayer and almost any location. Awesome spot though
  7. Hmm, Any idea on whats wrong? Script overlay Status states "ShitHole" and for some reason in the overlay it says kebab's bought and kebabs per hour?
  8. Simply need someone to buy 7m OSRS Gold, Looking for 3 USD per mil so a total of 21 USD for the 7m. Please post your skype below.
  9. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/742-delta-cooker/ Only script on the repo that is 1 USD.
  10. Awesome Script, Works perfectly! Thanks for the release
  11. Fantastic script, However having trouble with fally yews. The distance between the tree's is to far apart and it continues to tries to click on the yew tree but isnt close enough.
  12. Hello, I am looking to selling 5m OSRS gold, not looking for a high rate just simply need to sell. Looking for 3 USD per mil, so a total of 15 USD for the 5m. I am only looking to deal with trusted dealers. Please post your thread / vouch page in your post . You can also contact me at skype "xicaerusix".
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