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  1. 99wesley99

    delayed ban

    welp, now i feel like an overreacting loser haha
  2. 99wesley99

    delayed ban

    Like has this been happening for a while for everyone? Is it part of halloween?
  3. 99wesley99

    delayed ban

    Does anybody know what it means when you log in and there is a big skull face in the screen that kind of fades in and fades out? I thought i might have been banned or got a warning. Just noticed it today when i logged in after my bot had logged off.
  4. Question One: Noticing not much hovering, clicking and camera movement. Is that not part of anti-ban? Just thought the bot might try to like toggle between the tabs or something more often. Question Two: When the antiban/bot decides to shift the camera, why does it have a sort of easing effect, where it doesn't follow the normal speed of the arrow key window movement? It seems almost accelerated or faster than normal. Question Three: Is there a comprehensive guide to not getting banned? I am just botting on one account, low pop area, catherby yews (obviously banking). Would like to know if there is a way i can set it up so it wont have the slightest chance of getting banned. One thing I noticed too for new botters -> Make sure you have your window settings to fixed not responsive, because otherwise the bot will get lost. Otherwise I am having a nice time with the bot, thanks!
  5. Went from 85 Fletching to 94 Fletching in 4 days! Thanks Tribot + Druid!

  6. If I am not getting an ore right away sometimes I will hop to a new one which is why I would ask this to be not too often, i just think movement is everything just clicking and waiting 100% seems bot like to me. You're telling me you've never hopped to a different ore whilest mining one EVER?
  7. I don't want to sound negative but it sounds like you are just doing enough for Jagex Detection to be thrown off currently. Why not expand what you have - which is what I have been getting at. Why wait until a mass gets banned because software is thrown out of date or the detection you think is non-detectable is completely detectable by any aspect? I am saying if you have the time, throw in some new features. I have been watching every minute for like 7 hours - What about things like purposeful miss-clicks? I haven't seen this bot miss-click, things like randomized mouse speeds instead of selecting a single instance from the slider? Things like having more frequent camera movement or even a throttle for that like your mouse speed? This bot barely moves its camera and I move my camera a lot when I play. Just a thought, i'm just a modern developer in the industry throwing my thoughts out. I don't think my comments carry valueless weight. If this software is external from your control? Is this something better brought up to TRiLeZ to take a look into on his part?
  8. Noticing the bot hasn't went up to 100 in a while now - I might retract what I said, Otherwise for making arrows (headless arrows to arrow heads) I don't see any movement with the mouse after it clicks and hits make 10 sets. Then the cursor just waits in one location hovering over the arrow heads and then when it gets to like 9, it clicks in that same location to select the arrow heads and then on 10 it clicks on the headless arrows. The only randomization I am seeing is where the cursor rests waiting to select the next group of arrows. I am guessing there is more to it that I am not seeing?
  9. Well I put the debugger for the camera and I have been watching the camera move a tiny bit then going back to a very similar camera location almost every time half way through cutting - this is in the GE. I totally love your script, the mouse movement is perfect the camera is just a little sketchy to me still. For example - currently my bot always returns to the location of 100 Angle and fluctuates 178-181 Rotation. I am just not seeing a human like behavior. :/ Any idea if the G.E. just isn't a good spot?
  10. Is it possible to have more frequent camera movements? Does this mouse speed only stay at one speed or does it still fluctuate?
  11. I want to add another idea to my list of things you want to consider. The first two things are what I already had: 1) Optional Dragon Pickaxe special 2) More random camera movements to make sure camera is always looking at the ore? 3) NEW: Randomly hop to a new ore even if you're still on one (every 2-3 minutes to this). Let me know if you're thinking of doing this I really hope so.
  12. Cool! Thanks man! I also noticed that the dragon pick-axe special is right after you put the pay dirt into the bin and I feel like that's too suspicious having it be at that instance only. Can we have the dragon pick age special be toggle-able as well? I'd rather not have it :/ I just dont want to get banned, got a pretty high level acc, put a lot of time into it haha. Let me know if you think this is something you can do soon. I probably wont bot for a while, it seems unsafe to me still Does Tribot have any sort of mis-click helpers to make it even more human like for error? Does that even make sense?
  13. Is there a way to make camera movements and make them frequent and logical? I see unrealistic clicking when you cant see where you are on the screen.
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