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  1. what have i missed? 2-3 days ago this script was using hardly any CPU / memory usage now it's much higher, why man @daxmagex
  2. dw, he's a really weird guy can't even speak english properly, he's really strange lmfao.
  3. 'MY WOOD BRUH'? changing your rsns won't make me leave.
  4. dumbass using 1 pc? aahhahahahhaha
  5. Nicksachamp

    Getting on RS3

    rs3 doesn't work on VPS's unless it's windows i believe bro @daxmagex
  6. your english is terrible, i will outbot you.
  7. i don't care, the area is mine.
  8. u should look at the 2nd pic pls it shows the ent problem, btw what did u change in 1.99 so that it 'should fix it'?
  9. so youre the guy at v east, im at war with you
  10. @daxmagex it says 'ent detected for about 100 lines for about 5 seconds (or more) i couldn't scroll up anymore, then that what i posted above
  11. daxmagex this is with the latest version man can you test it or something because it keeps happening
  12. all i know is it was there and the acc was logged out, btw in regards to broken axe.. look what just happened again >_<, was cutting oaks and BAM-
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