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  1. http://gyazo.com/cc2d205004e40d85eb59020d4598ce38 Says this, "Segmentation fault" right after it crashes.
  2. Mjkm41

    Segmentation fault

    Can anyone help??
  3. http://gyazo.com/cc2d205004e40d85eb59020d4598ce38 Anyone know what this means? I think it showed up right after Tribot crashed.
  4. I allocate 1024 of memory but I'll try it out. Edit: Nope, didn't work.
  5. Tribot randomly closes/crashes on my VPS. This wasn't happening 3 days ago and I'm uncertain what might have caused it. It only also happens on my VPS and not on my Personal Laptop.
  6. It's happening on my vps too. It just randomly closes. Any ideas guys?
  7. 22m. Inclusive of quests like Monkey Madness. Skype : Mjkm41 - We can discuss further there. Thanks for the refer @Montreal.
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