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  1. Derpec

    [P] Scripter

    Request: PrivateDescription: Needs to talk to an NPC to get an item, and redo it until inventory is full then go to a bank, and repeat.Payment Amount: $200-$250Time: As soon as you can have it done preferably a week.Additional:
  2. You may have to try running runescape from the official client once, and/or try clearing your game cache and then re-run tribot. You can also try deleting your .tribot folder at %appdata%\.tribot
  3. About us: PortJunkie has been established since the year 2019, and it’s based in Montreal, Canada. We are a growing company that specializes in Windows Virtual Machines. Rules: You are not allowed to upload/use any form of child porn on our servers. We are not responsible for how you use our servers. You will not share your server account credentials. Do not exploit our server or any other server in our network. Attacking any other server in our network is forbidden. Packages: Small: $3.50/Month 1GB, 1 Core, 30GB Disk Space Medium: $7.00/Month 2GB, 2 Core, 50GB Disk Space Big: $10.50/Month 3GB, 3 Core, 70GB Disk Space Massive: $14.00/Month 4GB, 4 Core, 80GB Disk Space Ways to contact me are through discord at Derpec#6303 or private messaging me.
  4. Thinking about buying a dedicated server, and selling windows servers out for a small price $4/1GB, and so on. Why so cheap? Exactly what I put on the title "Learning" so whatever issues y'all have and report back to me I'll fix for my own experience. I'm only doing this for myself, and to help out members here at Tribot. Also it's to make sure I can keep up with the expenses of the dedicated server monthly, and will not be buying more than one dedicated server for a while so limited spots are open. This is only an IDEA and I want people's opinions on whether or not I should do this, and who would be interested in helping me out whenever I get it rolling. I will not have a website, and the primary contact will be on here, and discord for any issues. Plan Ideas: Small: $4.00/Month 1GB, 1 Core, 30GB Disk Space Medium: $8.00/Month 2GB, 2 Core, 50GB Disk Space Big: $12.00/Month 3GB, 3 Core, 70GB Disk Space Massive: $16.00/Month 4GB, 4 Core, 80GB Disk Space NOTE: If you are using it for botting, and get banned and want another IP it'll cost $3.50 for another IP. Additional Options: Extra Core: $2.00 one time charge IP: $3.50 for any additional IP's
  5. Derpec

    why vps?

    It's telling you the issue right there did you install the right JDK?
  6. Derpec

    why vps?

    Not required however it's much safer to use an IP that isn't yours then to do it on your own in case of a chain ban.
  7. Derpec

    safely botting?

    Don't bot on an account that you're scared of losing. I'd suggest making another account to bot on, and not your main.
  8. Hello, Wanting to pay someone to make me a flawless tutorial island script that creates accounts, and finishes the tutorial island. I'll provide exact details to the scripter that wants to take the project. Thank you!
  9. Don't use JoeDezzy as a scripter! Personal experience.
  10. Derpec

    30m l $20

    Forgot to edit the post! It was sold!
  11. Runescape Botting Discussion chat channel Click Here Derpec's VPS Setup Services VPS setup includes: - Installing Tribot for OldSchool use - Install OsBuddy - Install a Desktop Environment and a Web Browser - Install the Latest JDK - Setting up Looking Glass PRICE: FREE NOTE: - The server must have a fresh install - I will require root access - I will require SSH access to the server
  12. Thanks for the release bud!
  13. Derpec

    30m l $20

    Selling 30m for $20 You will go first, and must be paid by PP (Trusted Only) Friends & Family.
  14. JoeDezzy told me the script would've been released by yesterday but it still hasn't been resolved. Countless days/hours this scripter has lied and continued on the daily with his excuses.
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