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  1. Quitting osrs and selling 40m osrs gp 2.50/m add me on skype or reply on this thread if interested! Skype- emily.griffin26 -Thank you!
  2. ehh i botted wc on mages 76-99. botted daily no breaks.. no ban lol. even had a few 100hr proggys
  3. ehh i botted wc on mages 76-99. botted daily no breaks.. no ban lol. even had a few 100hr proggys
  4. wheres an email i can reach any jagex support at? i've never had this happen so im clueless as of what to do. and i haven't downloaded anything but a tribot client which i've never had any issues with
  5. Hey everyone. So i've been playing and botting some on an account for a while now and Ive experienced bans before but im not sure if this is a ban or some type of game error. I try to log into my account and it says invalid user or pass, so I recover the password, It says recovered successfully. I go to re-enter my user and pass and it still shows incorrect. My name is off the high scores, I cant login on the rs website, I have no idea what the deal is. Most bans i've experienced have said your account has been disable check message centre blah blah blah. But i have had this account added on other accounts friends list and the name is no longer what it used to be it is something like this= [#6WD52QA3](something like that). I can't even login to check my account status..... any ideas of what I can do or what the problem is? any help or feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys. and no i haven't entered my login info anywhere off of rs or tribot client. I know computer security and all dat good stuff. Thanks again!
  6. K501

    Premium AIO mage bot

    does it have stun alching/reg alching?
  7. I think a flawless non-combat AIO mage bot with a good anti ban would be the shit. Especially with options such as stun alching, regular alching, superheat item, teleport training. I would pay for it if it were premium for sure if it had a good anti-ban.
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