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  1. Hi everyone, I have 16GB of ram and I have two bots running at the same time for the same skill. When they are both running, it seems laggy, and I'm not using as nearly as much 16 GBs, so I was wondering why am I lagging? https://gyazo.com/6e0a35c993acc8da8999a7e5765b5fc5 this gif gyazo, shows the bot running and lagging. This is my ram that currently being used https://gyazo.com/af561ddba57c72da80b2729ee918b57c Hope to get this resolved. Cheers, Sangdizzle9
  2. Hi guys, I am selling Runescape 3 Gold at a relativelly low prices compared with others. Great Customer service and price guaranteed! www.RSGoldUniverse.com Current RS3 Selling price: 0.23$ Payement Methods PayPal Moneybookers BitCoin Bank Transfer Website: www.RSGoldUniverse.com
  3. Our Selling Rate: 1.10/1.33
  4. >>>WELCOME TO RS Packs the #1 RUNESCAPE PACK SELLING WEBSITE<<< What are runescape packs you ask? Runescape packs are when you purchase a "pack"of specific items for IRL $ for a chance to win money! How do you make money you ask? It's simple, all you do is go to RS Packs and choose a pack you want to buy, lets use the 3rd age pack as an example, all you do is click to purchase the pack, pay for it, then open the pack and see what you get! There is a variety of 3rd age items in the 3a pack, some items may be worth 20m 07, others may be worth 50m+,
  5. >>>WELCOME TO RS Packs the #1 RUNESCAPE PACK SELLING WEBSITE<<< What are runescape packs you ask? Runescape packs are when you purchase a "pack"of specific items for IRL $ for a chance to win money! How do you make money you ask? It's simple, all you do is go to RS Packs and choose a pack you want to buy, lets use the 3rd age pack as an example, all you do is click to purchase the pack, pay for it, then open the pack and see what you get! There is a variety of 3rd age items in the 3a pack, some items may be worth 20m 07, others may be worth 50m+,
  6. The Brand New Store HT&Co OUR SITE Two days old and already sold out of gold. The buy price is subject to change but will always offer the highest rate possible 85p - 95p current buy price PayPal payment system protects buyer and seller eBay shop; 2014whib take a look if you don't like the website
  7. Offering cheap rates on OSRS GP Please add me on skype to discuss rates. I'm only accepting paypal or bitcoins as payments. If you pay with paypal you will be asked to provide ID for your first transaction as fraud prevention one time, CONTACT ME VIA SKYPE AND REQUEST A PM ON HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE I'm Happy to use a middleman at your request. Thank you. ----------------------------------------- SKYPE ::: Jack Wester ------------------------------------------- NOT BUYING AT THE MOMENT - OPENING TOMO
  8. Guest

    Cant Download Tribot!

    Hi guys so I just bought a new laptop so I can bot on it and when I try to download it, it says "Go to the app store to find an app to open it with" So I went and got WinOpener. Then I download it to WinOpener and when I try to open it after it still tries to send me to the app store.. Its a new laptop with nothing on it.. what else do I need to download to get this???
  9. Guest

    RS MASS Name checker

    RS MASS Name checker This is my Runescape mass name checker which I wrote in Java! Video of it in action: It does not rely on any 3rd party Software since it checks the availability directly from the Jagex servers! About: • gets data from Jagex • uses multiple Threads • performs arround 1 check per 8 seconds • performs arround 450 checks per hour • automaticaly waits until Jagex allows new requests incase it gets blocked - I figured out anything above 8 seconds does not get you blocked
  10. hey! just thought about this and it would be very cool to be able to buy credits with osrs gold i think me and many more would really enjoy seeing this happen!
  11. This service will contain of making accounts, Mainly of the following gold farming account types. A fresh or a used account should be provided by the user All Prices are without including the bond Abyss Accounts: -Price 15m- Air Orbs Accounts: -Price 4m- Woodcutting Accounts: -Price Listed below- Cannonball Accounts: -Price 2m- Blast Furnace Accounts: -Price 2m- Runite Mining Accounts: -Price 10m- ToS: No refunds after payment confirmation I will not go first to anyon
  12. No longer associated with this website.
  13. No longer associated with this website.
  14. Hello I've had a few request on how to sell gold so here a video I made last night to show.
  15. Go to [ www.zedrs.com ] to swap your RS3/07/Deadman/Darkscape GP safely Swapping Deadman GP to Rs3/07 and vice versa Fast and Easy swaps - Safe Locations - Fluent English Support IF YOU HAVE ANY BETTER OFFER FROM SOMEONE, DO ASK US BEFORE SWAPPING - WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO BEAT THE RATE! Visit our website by clickin www.zedrs.com
  16. Guest


    Im not really sure what I'm doing here, but why is it not letting me pull up my actual runescape account, why is it making me start over?
  17. So I started botting about 3 months ago. I've had about 600m banned on one account and 200m just got a warning as of 15 minutes ago. Problem is theyre detecting tri bot at log in screen. I always log in via rsbuddy first after a botting session or just in general because i like to fuck with the market and do some stuff off script. So just now I did that and upon opening and logging into my account via tribot i got banned. This is the third time this has happened to me using this rsbuddy tri after log in method. So it must be some kind of jagex ingame player report to hot list and tag bots for
  18. Hello my name is Rampage/Sickasulu and im here to offer you my service. Im from the Netherlands and I love to make/train accounts for people who dont like it and are willing to pay some money(paypal/07 gp). I have alot of experience with Runescape and know how to play and love the game. I will train/quest on your account legit.( without botting or breaking any other gamebreakingrules.) The way it works is that you can contact me on my skype name: "Rampage - sickasulu". After contact has been made, we will make a contract about what you want (the requirements, date when the jobs gotta be d
  19. Hey guys, with the release of my modern goldfarming guide, I'm looking for some people to give FREE COPIES to. There will be no advertising or anything, just honest copies to be given out to those who I think will be able to help me improve the guide. These people would be able to review it and give me advice, criticism and feedback etc. regarding the content of the guide so I can improve it. If you want a bit more context about my guide, I will enclose an image link to my guide thread in a spoiler (NOTE: this is only to give context to the readers if they wish, you don't have to look at it
  20. ===BITCOINS = 0,26$/M === Can work with Bulk deals (We'll beat all competitors price ) Btc : 0.26$/M If the livechat is offline add our skype [Live: planetsgold] All my livechat agents, can pm you on my behalf (You will go first or else we use a Middle Man (your fee) .) Order Form : How much RS07 Gold are you looking to buy?: Can you contact us on our livechat or add my skype?: Can you vouch me afterwards?:
  21. hi all, ive botted in the past using this a few years back on what is now rs3. ive recently brought a lenovo ideapad 305 that has windows 10 on and for some reason i cant use a bot, the file is downloaded as a zip file, ive extracted is using winrar but there is no launch icon for the bot or nothing like it to run a bot. ive searched for various apps and cant find anything, ive searched other peoples threads and no one has a answer. ive got java installed (latest version) i have no idea what to do can anybody help me please. would be apriciated if you took the time to read my issue thank you
  22. Questing: All Novice quests are FREE. I can complete any Novice quest for free. If you want to do more than 1 daily quest then you need to conctact me and I will tell you a price. Leveling: I can help you with any and every skill there is. Price depends on what skill and what level. Contact me for more info. Bossing: I can do the followin PvM-related services. All prices depend on what stats and desired request. So contact me for more info. Fire Cape Melee/Ranged/Magic Kiln Cape Royal Crossbow Brandishing If you have any other requests that are not mentioned then you need to contact me for
  23. Validated


    Delete this thread please junked.
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