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Found 141 results

  1. Hi I just bought tri bot this weekend and have been using it quick frequently let me tell you for the most part I LOVE IT! I even bought my own proxy server from botprox.com just to keep myself from getting banned well anyway here is my story I started with one character and got him all around stats combat level 15 - and then all around skill stats and I'm talking like woodcutting fishing crafting cooking smithing mining all of the etc skills to 40+ NOW While all this was going on I was making the same people as him! They were almost indentical except different names and like -1 +1 skills so they weren't identical but anyway I mean human like kinda identical and all 5 got banned! Except the first guy! So I made 5 more and this time was more careful and setup a break manager with the break handler feature, seemed good at first until when I tried to log in at night ( night time bots ) they were already banned from the previous night -.- , now so I thought okay guess night doesn't work , I WATCHED THEM ALL NIGHT. Always watch my bots , so when I awoke I went and made 5 more now this is up to 14, had them all going doing different things and such watching all the chats and such to make sure no one talked I made sure to have my proxy on and to make sure I had break handlers on, and I even switched there routines like almost every hour to do something different These bans happend no matter what I do it seems like. The bots get me banned even if I talk back to people all day. I WAS ALWAYS USING PREMIUM SCRIPTS USUALLY - FTW NEW AIO fisher premium - banned - master chopper AIO premium - banned - A's miner premium - banned The only free scripts I used were for crafting which they would world switch and I watched all the time And the master combat bot aio , and a master walker bot ALL ACCOUNTS 14/14 banned one account had 40+ all skills , and he had 65 wc and WAS close to 50 fishing before banned I MADE THESE ACCOUNTS ALL AROUND SO THEY WOULDNT GET BANNED EVEN IF THERE LOGGED OUT LATER THEY GET BANNED PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO? What am I doing wrong. How do I avoid the ban hammer on every single account even when there doing different things and I'm using a proxy! Don't want to pay for tri bot and or scripts if I'm just going to get banned every day and not even be able to transfer the goods. I lost 10k gold bars in this ban hammer Please help
  2. - Always Ask For PM; I will never deny a PM Request ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Swap History: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone is able to do a private script [i'll be paying decently] to do a few things from the start of the acc(quite big). eg : Tute island, get a few lvls etc etc..(I'll tell the main part later) If anyone is interested please add my skype or message me here.
  4. Edit: Can't give out my methods so freely, sorry guys. DELETE THREAD PLZ
  5. hey guys, need a little help, ive added a few free scripts to my account and they are not showing in my client, or the script folder??
  6. Guest

    Paying whoever can help me

    Hello, as stated in the title, I am willing to pay whoever can help me with Runescape gold on either server. Basically, I have recently tried to download Tribot to my PC (for the first time) but whenever I double click the icon I am greeted with a "windows installer" message box with lines of code or something. All that happens when I double click the download, is the windows installer message box pops up. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I have to do to get Tribot up and running? please treat me like an idiot when giving the solution as my computer knowledge is very poor.
  7. Guest

    [SVU ] - Selling 07 1.35 / M

    >>>>>> The Cheapest PRİCES EVER >>>>>> !!!!HUGE OFFSİTE VOUCHES !!! NEW AT TRIBOT ADD ME VIA SKYPE ! #Always come and ask for current rate Current Price : #1.45$ / M Current Stock : #100m+ Current Payment methods : #Skrill (From everyone ) #Btc (From everyone #Paypal (From everyone mostly trusted people at sythe and require id ) = ONLY ACCEPTİNG PAYPAL VERIFIED USERS ! ORDER FORM : #How much are you buying ? #Payment method ? TOS : #You will go first otherwise we can use mm your FEE! CONTACT #SKYPE = Dobi.Sythe #Sythe Private message or tribot private message !
  8. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a script capable of hunting chompy birds mainly for the western provinces diaries on Runescape 2007. I looked on the repository, but unfortunately couldn't find any scripts pertaining to what I wanted. If anyone can create this script for me feel free to reply to this thread or PM me and we can talk about pricing, etc. Thanks! Additional Information: Chompy Bird Wiki http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chompy_bird Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Pre requisite for hunting chompy's http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Chompy_Bird_Hunting
  9. Add my Skype or send me a PM to discuss rates!
  10. Hello im new here been looking for runescape forums where i could ask for for irl homework services. Ok first of all if you can get it done i will pay you 30m in old school rsgp. Thats worth like 70 dollars its alot. The thing is i need someone who knows how to use microsoft access i got hometask to make a small database. If someone can get it done its all yours. Contact me on skype: Kristaps255 for more information.
  11. Currently Bought VIPE @YoHoJo hes Page states 24-48hours but could someone give me an experience estimate? my excitement is worse than a kid getting N64 for first time in 1996 I sent Him 2 Pms, Skype Message, Call, and Posted on his Page. Any Suggestions?
  12. Hey guys I need a custom bot which can do a couple of things. I need a bot which has anti ban. The bot needs to be able to auto create an account store account info in a spreadsheet, auto trade with a differant supplier account for supplies, level up to 20 and at 20 auto craft ring of recoils, and auto sell them every 1000 rings. also it needs to auto trade the cash to a central account each time its cash reaches a certain ammount. it also needs to be able to auto input a proxy for tri bot which is auto bought from a sight which i tell you, and it needs to automatticly detect when an account is banned so it can create a new account to replace it. It also needs to be able to detect how much my system can handle so that it will stop making bots after its reached its limit. I know this is a lot and if you need details you can email me [email protected] or you can add me on skype 123cedric Thanks for all the help guys! I am paying anywhere from 25-125$ depending on how well and how much the bot you make can do! Thanks again peace!
  13. Twitch

    Proxy Store ?

    Does anyone know a good and very trusted proxy store on tribot ? i was buying my IP´s from TiempoSales for 6 months now, but not gonna buy from him anymore, since the service is shit and the proxy price went from 1.7m ea to 2.2m ea. not gonna pay this price.. if you know some trusted users with a fair price let me know. Thank you !
  14. lizard squad is ddosing the runescape worlds live on hitbox. if you are wondering how it looks like just click the link if i am not allowed to post something like that, just remove it http://www.hitbox.tv/LizardLands edit* "This channel has been closed due to terms of service violations."
  15. I am looking for one or more people to do some leveling on a new account for me. To adhere to the Tribot Rules I will create the account and give you the Username and Password after we have come to an agreement. Under no circumstance will Payment be made before the account is completely leveled. We will discuss price over Skype or pm. What I need: ◙ 50 HitPoints ◙ 50 Defense ◙ 44 Runecrafting ◙ 30 Agility ◙ 30 Mining Botting on these accounts ARE allowed. If you do, when you're finished. I will log on to the account to verify the account has reached the required levels. After I confirms the account is correct we will wait 48 hours to make sure we are free of any bans caused by your botting. The account will not be used in anyway during this time. If done by hand payment will be paid out Immediately. PM ME OFFER OR SKYPE
  16. hey all :} I'll be starting to do small trades/business for runescape membership cards or maybe bond too to build up my trade feedback. I'll be updating the thread often for prices and such so stay tune! As stated on title.. Will be updating this thread soon..
  17. lmfaoown

    Buying 1 bond

    Looking to buy a bond for 1.1m, contact me through PM. 3/23/2015 7:37 PM - Still looking for a bond or two..
  18. Guest


    When i load tribute on my mac it says error message null unable to load tribot what do i do?
  19. Hello, 10 days go i purchesd 5 proxy servers from sanderty i had no problems with it at all, but to day as i tried to connect to the proxys it says the username or password is wrong. the same thing as i tried to conncet with a proxy on the tribot client. it says :" Error! Could not connect to the specifiled proxy." any other users with the same problem ?
  20. Like the title says.... I was playing and now I can't login. Anyway else experiencing issues?
  21. Hey i am looking to buy 1 or multiple proxys with 07 gold. it costs around 2.75m / proxy- but i got confused by this monthy payment from the super moderator YoHojo. so is it possible to just buy a proxy without paying monthly? i am very confused and new to this. i would appreciate help. Thank you
  22. Alright, Topic closed. thx for the help
  23. Here, I'm going to briefly talk about the current trading system in relation to an instantaneously-trading and possibly offline trading system (G.E. or an approximate): As is, the very fact that I own more than one type of item has intrinsic value (as holding onto multiple of a variety of items allows for me to meet the demands of would-be traders, and meet my own personal needs while saving time). Likewise, I've spent time and effort holding onto multiples of every herb, ore, rune and resource in the game. Likewise, with an instantaneous Grand Exchange where coins equate ownership of an item (as all items are instantly available at all times), every single item in the game loses value in relation to the coin, because there is no value in actually having the item itself. Therefore, an instantaneous G.E. discourages players from actually having items, because it would be easier to simply have coins and then spend them as needed over working to acquire ownership of a diversity of items. This will likely reflect in a lower coin-value of all items in game as well as a buyer-driven market (again, having coins will have inherently higher power than owning items). This will further increase the disparity between skilling players and high-level PvM players to the point where skilling will only be significantly profitable via mass-botting. As for me, I'm pretty sure I'll be unable to view items in-game with the same level of appeal. There's something to be said of having a herb that I can clean and turn into a potion on a dime. There's something to be said of being the one guy in the bank who can forge a full set of X or Y from scratch. With an instantaneous G.E., all items just become coins. Less of a physical item (relative to the in-game) and more of a metaphysical concept. And that is why our trading post should stay the same* T'L';DR - If everything I need is in a super vending-machine in my house, there's no point in me owning food.
  24. Twitch

    Credits / PayPal

    Why is there no payment option to buy credits with paypal? would be a lot easier to purchase..
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