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Found 141 results

  1. Guest

    Buying 45m Oldschool GP [ PayPal]

    I need to buy around 45m Oldschool Runescape GP to buy VIP ext and a few Bots. Only paying with PayPal, I WILL GO FIRST. You can PM me on TriBot for my skype name. ( i want to hide my skype name ) THANK YOU <3
  2. Hey Guys. I created my first Mule Account yesterday, i turned a Proxy on before creating and while creating. so the mule got a different IP then my main account. After creating the mule and lvling him up a little bit i turned off the Proxy and was playing now 10 hours total on my Home Ip (the same ip as my main is playing on) Now i want to know if i can keep playing with the mule on my Home IP. (I lvl´d everything legit with it and never used a bot on it.)
  3. Hay, i am about to setup my own bots to goldfarm on Oldschool RuneScape. And i want to know how to setup a perfect Mule Account. Do i need a extra proxy for the mule, and how to transfer safe, should i keep him lvl 3 no skiller or should the account act like a real legit account. i want to know anything. Thank you
  4. Hey fellow Tribot community, I am in need of amazon review writers! The following requirements are required: - Must have an amazon.com account that is 2-4 months old! - Have purchased at least 1 real product! - Good understanding of English (Grammar, etc) Pm through here OR Add my skype : emre.bal8 Each review will take only 2 minutes, really fast money making! Mistake: 250k per review
  5. Hey everyone, i am in need of some US only reviewers who have an apple product (Iphone, Ipad,Ipod,etc...) and would like to get me a quick review in return for 500k 07. Requirements: - Apple Product! - Living within the US (You must show me proof of this) - An I tunes account at least 3 months old - Good English (Grammar, etc...) Pm me if you are interested or add my skype: emre.bal8
  6. Bind

    ~Binds Bonds~

    Current Price : 1.2-1.4M 07 Stock : 5 Add My Skype : Binddat Looking to become a good seller here on Tribot. more stock will be in soon when some are sold. i know the feeling when you can't buy membership. i am here to help you all GFX coming soon
  7. Hello, I was just wondering what upload and download internet speed is needed for Runescape because.
  8. Hello guys, i am new to this gold buying shop. But i offer the best prices in the whole market. Prices RS3 - .32$/m 07 - 2.4$/m Skype: apexplayz Payment Method Skrill
  9. Hello TriBot, I'm looking to sell my domain name: RUNESESCAPE.COM - The domain was created at around year 2004 and is a pretty nice domain to be honest. Another very important thing is that it is .COM. The domain could be used for RSGP site maybe or just a RuneScape blog or whatever you think of. I'm not setting its minimum price so feel free to offer if you are interested in this Domain name. Thanks!
  10. Hello guys I'm looking to buy 100M-150M RS3/EOC GP for $0.40-$0.50/M from someone with 150 FB+, or a Mod/Admin Paying with PayPal, I have a Verified PayPal and I'm willing to prove my Picture ID. Click on my Skype Button in my Signature to add me! (If it won't work my Skype is: FlyingAK47) Thank you, -Subutex (Teh Gold Dope Fein) Note: The Skype Button May Say I'm offline, but I probably am online.
  11. Flax' Bonds Store ____________________________________________________ STOCK: 0 PRICE: 1.3M 07Gold per bond. I also have discount prices for bulk.(10+ only) Accepted Payment methods: 07Gold / Moneybookers / Dutch Banktransfer ____________________________________________________ What are Bonds? A bond is an in-game item that allows a player to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits such as membership, Runecoins and Treasure Hunter Keys with in-game resources. ____________________________________________________ Skype: Flax.TB ____________________________________________________ Terms of Service: I will not go first unless trusted. We will use a middlemen if you don't feel comfortable going first. You will feedback and vouch for me when we've completed the trade. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes AFTER the trade is completed. ____________________________________________________ Order form: Vouches:
  12. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help become a little more informed on different forms of bypassing the trade limit. How do you normally have it removed from an account? Is there a certain combat level you must reach or is becoming a member the only option? If there are any illegitimate ways feel free to PM me. Frosty EDIT: My bad guys. I was drunk last night. Idk why the hell I made this post. lol
  13. wtf who is lizard squad. bullshit ass nigga being so un cool jacking all my gains. dumb fag
  14. Current Stock : 10+ Current Price : 875k-1M Skype : darkdragontb
  15. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me what was going on with Runescape just recently? I was really busy and I wasn't even able to view the main page / client online. I have heard things like RS getting ddosed and other stuff. Could someone tell me what was happening? Thanks, Frosty
  16. Desperado's Questing & Fire Cape Service Why Choose Me? > I am a long-time RuneScape player with an advanced set of knowledge/skills in regards to the game. >I have many of the OldSchool quests memorized - allowing me to complete orders at very fast speeds. >Also, I am an experienced fire caper with the proper set of skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Terms of Service 1. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes during/after my provided service. 2. You may not change the account password or attempt to log in until I have completed your order. 3. I will go first to anyone I deem trustworthy or use a honorable middleman. 4. Payments are to only be in OldSchool GP or RS3 GP. 5. You must fill out the order form prior to adding my Skype. Order Form 1. Quests or Fire Cape?: 2. Do you agree to the T.O.S?: 3. Payment method? (07GP/RS3GP): 4. Your Skype?: Fire Cape Requirements > 70+ Ranged > 45+ Defense > 43+ Prayer *Gear and items will be discussed on Skype* Pricing Prices will be discussed via Skype. The customer and I will find a fair median on which we can agree. Contact live:desperado.sythe
  17. Welcome to the first automated instant upgrade website! Price: 4M 07 RSGP http://autoupgrade.me My skype: tbt_sythe There are no refunds
  18. Guest

    Running multiple clients

    Hi, I was wondering if it is safe to run two clients on the same machine? I just want to make sure it won't get me banned, p.s I'm also using a proxy to avoid my ip getting flagged.
  19. Phat Shock's buying All OSRS Gold! - We offer the Best gold prices - Current Buy rates: $1.00/M - All Payments made via Btc/Paypal upon customer preference. -If you wanna buy gold, message me or comment! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phat Shock's Promise: - Safe trades; We stake and actually play the game, selling to us is just like trading your friend over a loan or a gift. Don't sell to bulk gold dealers that eventually result in a ban of your accounts across your PC and ip address. - We trade with you super quickly, you won't be waiting on us to log in and find you. When we do trade, you will be trading a real account with stats, and authentic playing, not some low level account that trades billions as fast as it can cause it will be banned within a day or two.
  20. I am buying bulk Mithril Ore. I am buying for 160 ea unless you have over 10k than I will buy 180 ea! Thank you! PM me in game at: 'SR-I-ZHARTH' If I'm not online, feel free to post here or PM me through the forums!
  21. Hey, so i looked at the runescape OS lastests updates and they said 'Abig month lays ahead' this being a graphical update with other little things, it might be just me but i did play back in 2006 and watched how the game grew and this is how they did it, little updates and stuff, but to me...may sound lame but i like the detail of the game. who else feels the same? Also i thought we decide all updates? whats with these halos in the game...???
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