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Found 141 results

  1. Hello everyone I am selling some runescape eoc gold for the rate of 65 cents US per 1 million gp and if interested reply here or pm me via facebook or skype. My facebook url is https://www.facebook.com/binod.rai.1420354 and my skype id is facebook:binod.rai.16568. I can do small trades at a time for your safety.
  2. graszy

    F2P Accounts

    Hey guys, all answers means alot. Recently, I've tried to massbot in f2p. There is a problem tho, when I create a account, it gets auto-locked on tutorial island, if I create it a account on the RuneScape 3 client it also gets locked in the lobby. I've tried to with diffrent computers and diffrent IP's from diffrent contries. So it's not my IP or computer. Does anyone know how you can fix it? This doesn't always happend on the TRiBot client, this happends on the regular Orion Client too. Please let me know if this happend to you before or if you guys know any way to bypass this. Kind regards, Graszy
  3. ★Hey guys and welcome to my Coin Shop!★ Just recently began botting and making some profits therefore i will be selling all my rsgp! ★Current RSGP Prices are: $2.60M - $2.80/M★ ★Current Stock left: 12M OSRS GP★ Before all purchases may be made you must add my skype to contact me first! ★-----> Skype: fcukdanaye <-----★ As title reads, i will only be accepting paypal services and you must pay the fees for every purchase! ★The more gold you buy the cheaper it will cost!★ (★Middle man will be at your own costs!★) Here is the purchase form you must reply to the thread with when purchasing RSGP How Much Gp Are You Purchasing: Have you added my skype Y/N: Have you spoken to me within the last 10minutes Y/N: Remember after all purchases and transactions are done, please leave a feedback and vouch under the thread with a reply! PS: I am a new seller therefore my posts and vouches/feedbacks are low, so don't be freaked out! Remember to double check my skype name, and make sure you are talking to the real me! Thank you for reading and using my service! -Dee --------------------------------------------------------- Have items for sale also for paypal only! --------------------------------------------------------- Abyssal Whips /2 Left Robin Hats /1 Left Dragon Boots / 12 Left Yew Logs / Over 10k Yews Left Dragon Axes /5 Left +More to come!
  4. ARCUSGOLD ~ GRAND OPENING! * CLICK HERE TO SELL * Start a Live-Chat on my site to sell! We Buy: Eoc Gold: $0.2-$0.30/M Old School: $2.00-$2.60/M Runescape 3 < -- > OldSchool Gold Exchanging - Contact me for Rates! Either: 1) Click "HERE" to start a live-chat! 2) Add "live:arcusisidar" on Skype Please beware that we have many imposters, so always ensure you have added only our correct skype.
  5. Im Selling RS07 Gold! -[[1Million = 2.2$ - for 5 first customers!]]- <---- 0/5 customers so far <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <1m - 5m = 2.7$/1m<< <6m - 15m = 2.5.$/1m< <16m - 30m = 2.4$/1m< <31m - 100m = 2.2$/1m< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Add me on skype for more information: Fakee177 -We trade the money as soon as the payment on paypal is done! dont bother wasting time try to scam. (If u want middleman can be used! U need to get one) -The Payment will be made via paypal and the trade will be made ingame in a location given by the buyer! (We also buy gold! PM us on skype and we can make a quick deal)
  6. Hi there, I am selling 30 days membership codes, this are from a gamecard company that have closed recently. Codes are unused and ready to be redeemed for 30 days membership. Each code £3,5 via Paypal minimum order of 10! Can do further discount for 100+ codes. Contact here or to my email [email protected] Thanks
  7. Looking to buy gold, I can pay paypal or western union. Please Contact me Skype WorxtheKid
  8. most of you might of seen my old post I made about the IP's Client Accepting, and then a day later I randomly get my account logged into by some random guy. And Im Looking for some help and or informations on these usernames/or people the next day after I accepted the IP's the Tribot client was requested this happen. (Today) I always keep my Friends chat offline or friends only. but i decided why dont i turn it on and see if any random people message me (might be the hacker right?) This is what I get. Some guy under the name "iBurnKenyans" Pmed me Asking me to buy unids clearly wanting me to access my bank because I might of been ratted/or javadriveby I look up his account on the highscores and strike at him with something really stupid, but return he gives me some important information I was able to record. Then.. I keep getting random accounts asking me/trying to lead me to put in my bank info.. I have virus scanned my computer 4 times, with 4 different anti viruses.. checked my registry.. nothing out of the usual.. Even disconnected my computer off the internet re did everything all over again.. and still havent found anything weird.. my paypal wasn't touched. My Youtube Channel I have worked over 3 Years on and manage to have 2.5k Subscribers and 668k Total views (might not be alot) but Im proud to say i have worked and owned that. My Skype or non of my other accounts/runescape accounts have been logged into.. just my main runescape account. and the bankpin was tried to be taken off.. could anyone give any suggestions on what to do.. I feel pretty confident my computer is clean but im still scared to access my bank LOL.. I have 1 or 2 people in mind who might be doing this and also have voice recordings of them hacking/ddosin/ratting other people or players.. might be leaked if I find out i was hacked by them. sorry about this whole situation. its just quite annoying and kinda wanted to share it with you guys.. Any idea's on what to do.
  9. V3 changelog - Added search option (shows path in bot debug) - Added toggle to image debugging - Faster due to less debugging V6 changelog - Does now debug the information in the "Client Debug" tab - Search does now return ALL the found items instead of stopping after finding one match - Updated default size of the GUI so that you won't need to scroll most of the times. You can still resize it to your likings obviously Screenshots of version #6 Explorer Searching http://puu.sh/4kq8M.png Pre-compiled version can be downloaded below. You can find the source on Github, link can be found in my signature. You can also get it on the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=interface&sort=default&category=all&price=any JJsInterfaceExplorerV6.zip
  10. This is just a quick topic showing how to multi log on runescape . 1. Search for random.dat on your computer 2. delete it 3. go to recycle bin and empty it There you go, you can now Multi Log easily on Runescape
  11. Hey guys, here i have on offer some great accounts, i have accounts with all sorts of living, from simply accounts with 80+fishing to accounts that are lvl'ed up 50+combat , others magic and so on, if you have any questions please message me, or post in this topic as i would like people to know i am a good seller. If you would like a specific account made up for you we are will to do this at a price to suit your needs, jsut give me a hola thanks. account prices vary from account to account, so if you have any questions about the fee feel free to post away as well
  12. Welcome to My upgrade services ***ALL CARDS SOLD ARE 35 AND 90 DAY GAMECARDS*** *STOcK* 0 Price 3M 07GP(30DAY) Price 9M 07GP(90DAY) Price $9.00 Paypal(30DAY) Price $25.00 Paypal(90DAY) Please feel free to add my skype after you have posted an order form My skype is upgradesnsuch I WILL NOT DO ANY TRADES OR ACCEPT ANY PMS OR SKYPES UNLESS YOU HAVE FILLED OUT AN ORDER FORM! **Note I will only accept Paypal from users that have over 3-5 successful trades via Paypal 30 or 90 Day?: Quantity: Contacting me through Skype or PM: Payment Method: Will you go first or MM: Will you leave FB?:
  13. =======Client Updated to Version 2====== Hello guys and welcome to my OSRS Client. I saw that another member had posted theirs so i decided to post mine. I made this back when 07 first came out and have been updating it ever since whenever i feel there is something i need to add or a friend asks for an addon. Huge thanks to Aplous for helping with making the client better Features include- -Youtube -Pandora -A tab for you to choose whatever website you want (Just type in the url in the box below the your choice button) -Auto Clicker and Typer -World Map Tab -Zybez Price Guide Tab -Zybez Price Guide Tool -Bank Pin Generator(For them times u dont wanna think of 4 numbers) -and much more Here are some pictures of the Rs Client. Client Overview Startup Menu Tools Tab World Map Preview Hiscores Lookup Zybez Price Guide Tool Auto Typer Tool Auto Clicker Tool Calculator Tool ScreenShot Tool You can get my client here : Version 1: Version 2: Version 2.2: Version 2.3: Source: Virustotal scan here: Thanks for Downloading if you did. Leave feedback i am willing to add things that are recommended or asked by people so just leave suggestions below. . To install open the WinRar file extract the folder you see to your desktop. Double Click on setup. Once you do this there are a few options and then it will install. If you wish to uninstall the client go to your control panel and then to your programs and look for RS07 and uninstall that which is the client. If a moderator or admin could vouch for this that would be great
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