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  1. Scammer's Username: AlexJohnson Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=146271&st=0#msg261655 Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: osbjoe Describe in detail in your words what happened: Originally this guy was going to do some account leveling for me but due to mules getting banned I didn't have the extra money. He messaged me on skype today and asked if he could buy some gold, I said yes, we agreed on $1.4/m, we met, in lumbridge, I gave him the gold
  2. Selling BONDS (rs membership) $3 each only accepting paypal atm (via gift) pref verified Paypal users or people with 10+ vouches OR u can go first OR you can provide a middleman(you cover fees) skype: rainmonopoly - remember to leave note "buying bond and send me pm with ur skype"
  3. I am currently looking to sell ~25M 07Gold, PayPal only. $1.4/m Add me on Skype which can be found in my signature below. Must have some feedbacks or VIP otherwise I won't sell you.
  4. Offerring my signature space to anybody who wants to advertise his website or anything else. About other things - will discuss on PM or Skype .
  5. no more sales due to scammers.
  6. EASY,FAST,SAFE Current rates selling: eoc 1m: .25 usd 07 1m: 1.5 Usd REQUIREMENTS 50+ feedback OR u go first OR you pay mm fee you are covering all service charges post skype and or pm for info
  7. Selling only to trusted Tribot users. any amount. PayPal Only ! 1.65$/m [80m+ stock]* *currently out of stock
  8. I am looking for a trusted service, for a long term. i need: 50 Def with at least 40hp 50 Mining 40 Agility 44 Runecrafting _______________________________________ i can pay with RS GP or with PayPal _______________________________________ PM me on Tribot for more information. [Please only trusted users]
  9. Hey guys, I don't have my paypal associated with my credit card so tribot wont let me purchase credits anyways im willing to pay a little bit extra because of this. I need 15 credits. The method will be through paypal. If you're trusted ill go first if you're not then you either go first or get a trusted MM. If you could post your offers or pm me on tribot or @ skype (i prefer skype) my name's Ehsanm. don't forget the period. Thanks
  10. Stock 10m Price 2.5$ each Payment via PAYPAL or NETELLER Must leave a FeedBack after the transaction Add me Skype giank7 PM on tribot when you add me on Skype
  11. Hi, looking for 50m+ 07 GP via Paypal/Neteller looking to buy quite regularly as well. pm/leave below your Skype
  12. WELCOME TO MY INTERNATIONAL GOLD SHOP! Current trading status - ONLY BUYING - More Stock Soon On this thread i trade in YOUR preferred currency! Tired of having to put up with poor conversion rates on sites like Paypal and Skrill? This shop can be the solution to that problem. I can both buy and sell RSGP in ANY currency, cutting out the need to convert funds t
  13. Selling Runescape 07 Gold! ADD me on Skype: rsgoldr0cks SELLING PRICE Runescape 2007 Gold: 2.8$/M Can use a MM when your not willing to go first! I Cover Fees PAYMENT METHOD Skrill/Moneybookers Verified Paypal BTC Bank Transfer DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR A PM!!
  14. www.rsgold.rocks (coming soon) Buying Runescape 07 Gold! We offer the best prices on the market! ADD me on Skype: rsgoldr0cks BUYING PRICE Runescape 2007 Gold: $2.1/M - $2.2/M (Negotiable) Can use MM when your not willing to go first! I Cover Fees PAYMENT METHOD Skrill/Moneybookers Verified Paypal BTC Bank Transfer DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR A PM!!
  15. Selling RSGP @ lowest RATES PM or Comment
  16. Hello guys, i am new to this gold buying shop. But i offer the best prices in the whole market. Prices RS3 - .32$/m 07 - 2.4$/m Skype: apexplayz Payment Method Skrill
  17. Dreaming's Tribot Guide Series #2 The Noob's Guide to Internet Safety How to Prevent your skype being resolved/ddosed Anti Keylogging Guide, Protect Your Information How To Stay Safe Online Got any Ideas for a new guide you want me to write? Send me a pm. Don't hesitate to ask me for help, ever All parts of the guide are not written by me - they include snippets from various friends and other sources
  18. jakcorb

    Selling 07gp

    $3 usd a mill if you want post ere
  19. Stock 5m Price 3$ each Payment via PAYPAL or NETELLER Must leave a FeedBack after the transaction Add me Skype giank7 PM on tribot when you add me on Skype
  20. I have around 60B in gold on ultimatescape private server if anyone is looking to buy any, and i have around 340b in other items! private message me on here and we can swap skype info to discuss it!
  21. Want to prevent chargebacks and help others do the same? This is a list of Paypals including the e-mail, name and notes, if applicable. This list includes paypals that have chargedback/disputed/have payments held or were/are hacked. Remember that the Paypal e-mail can be changed so it's important that you check the name before trading. Current number of records: 42 Name: Danny MakE-Mail: [email protected]: (Other emails: [email protected] [email protected]) (Sythe: Vanmaster5) (Powerbot: DJMB_Inc) (RSNs: jeremiey lin & Daddys B00B)Name: Carlo PelosiEmail: c10sup1
  22. Stock:50m ATM Payment method:Paypal i go first to whoever is trusted in my opinion Price:2.5$/mil PM for skype
  23. ARCUSGOLD ~ GRAND OPENING! * CLICK HERE TO SELL * Start a Live-Chat on my site to sell! We Buy: Eoc Gold: $0.2-$0.30/M Old School: $2.00-$2.60/M Runescape 3 < -- > OldSchool Gold Exchanging - Contact me for Rates! Either: 1) Click "HERE" to start a live-chat! 2) Add "live:arcusisidar" on Skype Please beware that we have many imposters, so always ensure you have added only our correct skype.
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