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Found 63 results

  1. Hello, I'm here to offer my private scripting service. Please follow the following form for a request: 1. Add my skype - deluxes.scripts - Always ask for a PM with any type of service. 2. In the contact request form, please submit a brief description of your script. 3. If I do not have the required stats or quests to create your script, you will need to provide an account. At this time I will not be taking any request under $30 or the equivalent in 07/EOC gp. Please remember that you are paying for this script to be private as well as the time I spend creating and fixing the script. All scripts will receive lifetime updates.
  2. Hello. Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself to the TriBot community. My name is AlpacaLord and I have been lurking these forums for a while. I am Currently enrolled in college and am near completing my degree in computer and information technology (specializing in database administration). I am experienced with object oriented programming and I am looking towards TriBot for some practice to keep my programming skills sharp. I have no interest in using anyone else's pre-compiled scripts and I intend on creating my own. On to the issue.... After compiling a test script and pasting it into the local scripts folder. The script does not appear upon pressing "start script." Now, I have read many tutorials and followed many guides here and I have found that the most common issues for this are 1. The package needs to be named 'scripts' 2. The script needs to be named the same as the class. Both of the rules above have been followed, however, I am still unable to load my test script. I will post some screenshots in hopes that they will help anyone help me. ----- - -
  3. okay i'm looking for a script that will kill chickens. since my account is rather low level and i wont risk dying. but where do i find scripts?
  4. Sorry for the noob post, I'll delete it once I understand, but in the repository, the VIP section seems to be empty. I just used 8 credits to get the VIP Extended. I've attached a simple screenshot of my page. Thanks for all the help, TheLegendMelon
  5. I was just wondering... Is there a limit for running scripts that are on your local machine that you are developing?
  6. Hello. I am currently in the process of learning to create scripts for TriBot and whenever I save them locally, I cannot find them when I click "Start Script". I'm sure it's a simple common issue but I cannot seem to find the answer. Thank you.
  7. I'm new to scripting and I want to try something, I looked alot of videos that explained how to use a script made in Eclipe in TriBot but when I do the same thing as them my script wont show in the Script Manager. When I look in the Local Script Folder it shows my script I copied to that folder. Anyone knows how to fix this? Some pictures down below
  8. Guest

    Need Help With a Question

    Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums, but I couldn't find a "banned" section so I decided to post my query here. In any case... did jagex update the osrs banning system? I just made 3 fresh accounts in f2p and ran a tutorial island script and as soon as they finished, they all got banned right out of tutorial island instantly. All 3 at different times but all at the same time upon completion of tutorial island. is this a client or script issue? or did jagex update the ban system?
  9. Dear Scripters, I have a request of RS 2007 simple scripts. Description: The bots can auto-run for turtion and spam in game We will pay well, if anyone can help me out, please feel free to contact my email [email protected] Thanks! Regards
  10. The script just isn't showing up. package scripts; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(authors = {"hobfmule"}, name = "Test", category = "Test") public class Test extends Script { @Override public void run() { System.out.println("Hello World"); } } As you can see, there is no "Test" category. The script is set to compile to the correct directory. I have tried reinstalling Tribot and recompiling the script. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Here's a list of all my current free scripts: - xCode's Chicken Killer - xCode's Essence Miner - xFishy - xHunter - xPestControl - xRangingGuild - xSpinner - XPeriments All the sources of my scripts can be found here.
  12. Purchased VIP 8 credits thinking things would be a piece of cake.. but apparently im lost as hell.. DO i only get access to free scripts even with vip ? DO i have to purchase more whats the point of vip.. ?
  13. trying to start a script and im getting a error that says: Since you are not vip,you are only allowed to run ONE script at a time. please close other instances of tribot to use this one. i only have the on client open, i didnt think anything else was running? is this a bug or where do i close my other instances/scripts?
  14. I want to buy a script and it says i need to buy credits. It tells me to enter purchase amount, so is that how many credits I want to buy or how many dollars I want to put on my account? If that's how many credits I want to put on, how much is one credit worth? Also is there no paypal option? Thanks, sorry - a lot of questions I know. Just a little confused. Help and Guidance sections didn't seem to have the relevant topics.
  15. So, i have just written my firs script with TriBot, i have programmed with other botting API's in the past so i figured i would try out TriBot. Well, i programmed my script, placed it in the Bin > scripts folder, went on to TriBot to start the script and it was not detected. I just got a little gray icon with "Scripts" next to it. I also tried placing the script in the .tribot > Scripts folder and that did not work either. I Googled the problem and did not find any fixes, thus i am taking this one to the form. Could anyone help me? Do i possibly need to upload it?
  16. Guest

    Scripts Aren't Working

    Ever since Deadman mode came out for OSRS, my scripts haven't been working. I try to run a the hunter script called aHunter and in the client bug it says "you dont have the required hunting equipment in your inventory!" when i do have the equipment. I tried running another hunter script called xHunter and had a similar issue. The bot would load, but wouldn't work as if there was no script. I don't understand the problem why these scripts won't work. However, I found a message in the Bot Debug section saying "Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data ecryption key not found." Could this be the reason the scripts aren't working? I've also seen other solutions about deleting some file, where do i locate this file?
  17. Hi, I have a problem with running my added scripts, they don't appear in my .tribot/bin/scripts folder, the script runs for a second just displaying something in the inventory area and it stops, and it's happening with every script. What can I do? Thanks.
  18. Hi, I've created my first own script and copied it to the local script folder. But when I click on "Start Script", my script doesn't pop-up... I'm trail VIP. Please help me!
  19. Hey Guys, I'm looking for someone to make me 3 scripts ill just give the small details sense i don't want to be leaked. one would need to be an nmz script and other would involve some other stuff. message me for info.
  20. hey guys, need a little help, ive added a few free scripts to my account and they are not showing in my client, or the script folder??
  21. Hi! I have a few questions regarding private scripts as I have come to a point where I need to expand further into private scripts. I have a private script method in mind, but the scripter won't be available for a few days so I thought I'd ask some questions. 1. For those who have/had private scripts, do you notice a significant difference in terms of ban rates? - I know ban rates can't be measured, but do you notice anything different? 2. When paying for a private script, do you pay monthly/perm? 3. In terms of auths, are private scripts unlimited? If you want to add anything else, feel free to Thanks for stopping by!
  22. Step 1: Make 2 accounts. 1 for botting, the other for the loot. Step 2. Get the account to level 25 using some sort of combat script. Step 3. Skill bot all you want. Jagex mods are less likely to give a ban to a level 25 mining rune than a level 2 mining rune. Step 4. Sell the goods on the Grand Exchange. Step 5. Give the money to your loot account. Step 6. Profit.
  23. Guest

    can't use premium bots with VIP?

    I just bought VIP yesterday and it said I should have access to free, VIP, and premium bots, but the premium bots all still have the price next to them and I can't use them. Anyone know what to do?
  24. It has been frustrating for all when scripters goes MIA , users are left hanging with a broken script that's unusable, and management team trying to contact them due to users complaining which leads to no avail. I looked around TRiBot to find if there's any policies that dictates under what circumstances will the script be suspended. The following are the main points; You must alert the following parties if you are going to be inactive for more than one week if it will affect your Script's on-going service:Any moderator VIA reporting your own post with inactivity information. The moderator will then close your thread until you return.Your customers VIA the last post in your thread before it is locked and a centered size 24+ announcement as the first text on the original post of your thread.You must fully support your users. This means that if an issue is presented to you in which you or your script is responsible it must be fixed. There is no stagnant time on issues as they may be very complex, but the scripting moderation team will be contacting you and conducting an investigation to assure that you are moving towards bringing the script's userbase to 100% happiness.Problems with the client or the users' computer are not your fault. Please direct them to the appropriate Help & Guidance section.You must provide essential updates required for the basic functionality promised in the original design of the script. Improving and adding new features is entirely up to the Scripter.Violation of any of these terms puts your Scripter rank and Premium Script thread up for immediate review. Many of the premiums scripts have bugs, but it isn't the main point. As long the scripter(s) are willing to fix it and give an estimated time of completion, I'm sure users are willing to wait for an update. I see many scripters offering one time "lifetime" script which supposedly give users unlimited time to use the script without having to pay every month for it. In my opinion, this have both pro & cons. -Pros Save users money & trouble having to renew every month for subscription.-Cons Many Scripters seem to take little responsibility after certain period to maintain scripts.Users are left with a useless script once it is broken after having paid possibly a large amount if they bought it for many accounts.Users are left hanging for possibly days, weeks or even months to "wait" for an update that isn't going to happen!The main point of this thread is to propose a better solution for these kind of situation where scripters goes MIA. Possible solution: -Monthly subscription for scripts, yes this increases cost for bots for users but more importantly this encourages scripters to take better responsibility to take charge of their scripts if they do want to profit more from their scripts. -In the event where scripters goes inactive for a long period and the script haven't been updated to fix bugs etc, the management team reserves the right to suspend the sales of the script AND transfer the scripting rights to another scripter who is willing to take charge of the scripts to maintain the script(s). I've noticed this situation long ago in TRiBot but all that's been done is to suspend the sales, scripter rank reviewed and maybe release the script after MONTHS of inactiveness on the script. I believe this situation can be improved to make TRiBot a better community and also increase the amount of users & scripters to TRiBot. @TRiLeZ
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