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Found 23 results

  1. Repository link Hey, I needed to get 45 herblore for Legends Quest so I decided to make a herblore script. Since the intial release, a lot of things have changed: Changelog v1: Initial release, ability to make unfinished potions and finished potions v2: Added GUI v3: Option to grind items, option to clean herbs, bug fixes, performance increased v4: Fixed the spawning of the GUI, didn't work for certain people. v5: Added decanting and all in one option. Tweaked some things to make it faster. v6: Not much changed but recompile due to reported issues. Works fine for me. v7: Updated due to Banking changes. Removed all in one option for now, not stable enough yet. v8: Banking has been updated again so the script has aswell! v9: Features script statistics and it should be flawless again. v10: Statistics have been made more accurately v11: - Your settings are now automatically saved and reloaded on script start. - Decanting has been removed since you can one-click-decant at the Grand Exchange. - The script will now log you out when you are out of supplies - ABCL AntiBan has been added - Withdrawing bug has been fixed v12: Bug fixes v13: Bug fixes v14: - Antiban updated to ABCL2 - Support for stackable items added - Added information how to find ID's in GUI When you start this GUI will show: You can select a method and hit run and the script will start! Make sure that everything is visible in your bank. If you want to grind items make sure to have your pestle and mortar in the last spot of your inventory. Cleaning Grinding Mixing Get the script from the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/206-jj-s-herblore/
  2. Keeping this post short. Recently came back to playing runescape (OSRS), been doing a lot of AFK training on main so I was looking to start doing services in the meantime. I'll do (almost) anything, and at a reasonable price. ACCEPTING 07GP ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS Post or PM requests, prices negotiable.
  3. Super basic script, I am very very very new to Java, so please be nice... No this script is not finished, but at minimum it should at least gather trout/salmon and bank it, but i cant find the script or it hasnt loaded in tribot. A picture of my hierarchy: ImgurLink package scripts.LowLevelCooker; import org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.api.Timing; import org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition; import org.tribot.api2007.*; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; import org.tribot.script.interfaces.MessageListening07; // import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(authors = ("noobalicious"), name = "Low Level Gatherer", category = "Money Making", description = ("gathers trout & salmon")) public class LowLevelCooker extends Script implements MessageListening07 { final String[] AXE_NAMES = { "Bronze axe", "Iron axe", "Black axe", "Steel axe", "Mithril axe", "Adamant axe", "Rune axe", "Dragon axe"}; private final RSTile gatherTile = new RSTile(3100, 3425); private final RSTile bankTile = new RSTile(3094, 3491); private final int MINING_ANIMATION = 625; private RSObject[] depositBox; private final int DEPOSITBOX_ID = 6943; @Override public void run() { while (true) { sleep(100); if (atFood()) { if (Inventory.isFull()) { walkToBank(); } else { gatherFood(); } } else if (atBank()) { if (Inventory.isFull()) { bank(); } else { walkToFood(); } } else { if (Inventory.isFull()) { walkToBank(); } else { walkToFood(); } } } } private boolean walkToBank() { return PathFinding.aStarWalk(bankTile); } private boolean atBank() { return Player.getPosition().distanceTo(bankTile) < 5; } private boolean bank() { depositBox = Objects.findNearest(20, DEPOSITBOX_ID); if (!Banking.isDepositBoxOpen()) { if (depositBox.length > 0) { if (!DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(depositBox[0], "Deposit")) return false; } } else { if (Banking.depositAllExcept(AXE_NAMES) < 1) return false; } return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return !Inventory.isFull(); } }, General.random(3000, 4000)); } private boolean walkToFood() { return PathFinding.aStarWalk(gatherTile); } private boolean atFood() { return Player.getPosition().distanceTo(gatherTile) < 10; } private void gatherFood() { final RSObject foodID[] = Objects.findNearest(5, 335, 333, 331, 329); RSObject foodToGather = foodID[0]; if (foodToGather.isOnScreen()) { if (DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(foodToGather, "Take")) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(20, 30); return true; } }, General.random(75, 100)); } } } @Override public void duelRequestReceived(String s, String s1) { } @Override public void personalMessageReceived(String s, String s1) { } @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { } @Override public void playerMessageReceived(String s, String s1) { } @Override public void tradeRequestReceived(String s) { } @Override public void clanMessageReceived(String s, String s1) { } }
  4. Gonna start of doing services, as I'm very experienced at the game. Payment Method: Rs2007 GP Availabe Services: - Fire capes - Defenders - Questing / Diaries - Minigames - NMZ Training Discord name: MrEft#1317 ( I never decline a message on forums ) Discord Channel for fast help: https://discord.gg/VZ2Evmb ( The Packages above have Cheaper prices Quote my name for a price ) ( Or Join our discord channel and ask for a price Quote ) NMZ Training: - Blowpipe - 4,5 GP / XP ( Price depends on darts ) - 50 Attack 6 GP/XP - 60 Attack 5,5 GP/XP - 70 Attack 4,5 GP/XP Minigames: Castle Wars ticket Halo - 10M Top - 5300K Bottom - 4M Gold Armor - Quote for a price Price per ticket - 150K Terms of Service. 1. You supply the account with items that are needed. 2. I can choose to decline any order if I want. 3. If we are not able to finish the job you will get partly refunded. 4. We are not responsible for any bans / mutes. 5.While the order is being completed, you are not allowed to login unless you ask. 6. After the order is completed, you must change your password. 7. You must leave a feedback after your order is completed.
  5. CJ's Fire Cape Service SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Hey guys, welcome to my fire cape service. I am newer to TriBot and am offering my services to those who need an experienced caper. If you have any questions, I am prompt to answer on Skype, PMs or on the thread. My prices are fair and my service is promised to be outstanding. ORDER FORM: Range/Def/Hp/Pray Levels: Did you add my Skype?: Payment Method(RS3/OSRS GP): *Please note that my only payment methods are Oldschool or RS3 gold.* PROOF: BIGGEST TRUST: CONTACT: Skype - Live:CJ.1681 Thank you for your business.
  6. Guest

    Need Script Guidance - Confused

    Hey TriBotters, I am Wirb and I'm new to the forums. I've been coding for two years in Java and I wanted to test my skills (now that I am a VIP) and see what I am able to code and offer to the community. My one problem is that I cannot seem to figure out how to get my local scripts to appear on the "Start Script" part of the client. Here is what I've tried: Checked %appdata% -> .tribot -> bin -> copied my .class into that folder. Done the same method through the TriBot client and copied it into "Local Scripts" Tried Rebooting after all of this Attempted to add the @ScriptManifest(...) portion of the code. Tried updating Java's version Any thoughts why my script won't appear?
  7. Guest

    Safe to bot?

    The ban meter on my account is halfway, with my last offense being 10 months ago. According to the ban meter I'm still in the green (safe). I was wondering if I will be permanently banned upon my next offense for botting, as I've had 2 minor botting offenses on the account. My first offense for botting has expired, but the second offense is still up. I would prob be using the NMZ bot btw
  8. rekface's Gold Shop Status: OPEN Current Rate: $1.44/m SkypeID: rekface.com ToS: Always request a PM You must post or pm me your Skype before we trade PayPal purchases may require you to provide a valid ID MiddleMan is always an option Sythe Vouches
  9. Edit: Can't give out my methods so freely, sorry guys. DELETE THREAD PLZ
  10. Description: Either merchers, fletchers, or weirdos collecting feathers, PM me on tribot and we can exchange RSN. Status: Out of stock [selling] 2,000,000 4gp each [selling] 6,000,000 3gp each [selling] 8,800,000 3gp each [selling] 6,400,000 3gp each [selling] 8,100,000 3gp each [selling] 11,400,000 3gp each [selling] 11,200,000 3gp each [selling] 13,750,000 3gp each [selling] 13,900,000 3gp each [selling] 11,700,000 3gp each [selling] 5,450,000 4gp each [selling] 9,750,000 3gp each [selling] 14,400,000 3gp each [selling] 20,550,000 3gp each[selling] 10,500,000 3gp each[selling] 3,500,000 3gp each[selling] 7,500,000 3gp each[selling] 9,600,000 3gp each[selling] 10,500,000 3gp each[selling] 9,900,900 3gp each[selling] 5,300,000 3gp each[selling] 14,000,000 3gp each[selling] 9,600,000 3gp each [selling] 4,550,000 3gp each [selling] 5,550,000 3gp each Total Sold: 233.9M feathers [Note] The feathers are mostly sold to regular RS Players that are buying in bulk.
  11. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a script capable of hunting chompy birds mainly for the western provinces diaries on Runescape 2007. I looked on the repository, but unfortunately couldn't find any scripts pertaining to what I wanted. If anyone can create this script for me feel free to reply to this thread or PM me and we can talk about pricing, etc. Thanks! Additional Information: Chompy Bird Wiki http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chompy_bird Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Pre requisite for hunting chompy's http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Chompy_Bird_Hunting
  12. Add my Skype or send me a PM to discuss rates!
  13. I am currently giving two of my youtube subscribers 25m 2007 gp each, all you have to do is: -Like my youtube video -Comment your RSN on my youtube video (please no skypes) - And subscribe to my channel! I am advertising this on many sites sorry i am not very reputable on Tribot, My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhmRMNab8Ag I will be using www.random.org to randomly select two youtube comments (must be subbed also) to choose winners. Best of luck all!
  14. 2007GOLD Gold Shop Paying via Paypal HIGHER PRICE DEPENDING ON AMOUNT!!! Buying Price: $2.70-$3.00/Mil fee's paid Stock Currently: 3m Selling Price: $3.5/Mil MESSAGE ME ON SKYPE!! OR POST A REPLY HERE! Help_2007Gold
  15. ARCUSGOLD ~ GRAND OPENING! * CLICK HERE TO SELL * Start a Live-Chat on my site to sell! We Buy: Eoc Gold: $0.2-$0.30/M Old School: $2.00-$2.60/M Runescape 3 < -- > OldSchool Gold Exchanging - Contact me for Rates! Either: 1) Click "HERE" to start a live-chat! 2) Add "live:arcusisidar" on Skype Please beware that we have many imposters, so always ensure you have added only our correct skype.
  16. iFarms Runescape 2007 gold buying service! Buying all gold amounts through paypal/Wu/Bitcoin, NO SCAMMERS WILL BE REPORTED AND HAVE A THREAD MADE JUST FOR YOU. Gold Prices: 2.6/m or 2.9/m for bulk gold (buying) Selling Gold Rs 07 gold only prices 3.5/m or 3.0/m for bulk gold! MY OFFICIAL SKYPE: ifarm.gold add us on sythe or skype and let us no how much you want to sell/buy ALL TRADES WILL BE VIDEO TAPED Also, If you would like to sell gold we can show you gold in game how ever much you want to sell! iFarms Rs 07 Gp shop!!! Currently buying all 07 GP 2.65/m Selling of 07 gold will be comming soon for 3.1/m Who are we? ifarms is a newly developed team of 4 major runescape gold farmers. We currently have moved over to Sythe due to the lack of gold sales to the major Runescape goldfarming websites. How can you contact us? You can drop us a inbox on sythe or you can add us on skype! Official Skype Username: ifarm.gold Message us for info about runescape 07 accounts also! Ps. We also sell youtube subscribes in bulk, and also video likes. ALL TRADES ARE SUBJECTED TO VIDEO RECORDING AND SCAMMERS WILL BE EXPLOITED ON SYTHE AND REPORTED TO A FRAUD AGENCY. Thank you for your time.
  17. Jlaz

    Selling 100M 07 Gold

    Current Stock: 0 M Price: $2.70/M Payment Methods: *PayPal - Only trusted members with 10+ feedback please. *Skrill - If not trusted, you go first. Will do trade increments upon request. Form: Amount of gold buying: Your Skype: I'll Skype you when I have gold to sell.
  18. Looking to buy 50M 07 at the price $2.6 / M. Skype - "floboto" I'm sure some of the sharper fellows/fellowesses can tell, I am relatively new to Tribot - have a few vouches (see sig). Although, I do have 30+ offsite feedback (RiD) which I am happy to link all users to and pm them from the respective sites. Reputation PayPal account is UK bank account verifiedSythe Verified User - $25 USD donator + vouch threadVeteran member of RiD + vouch thread100% positive feedback history (offsite)I will be covering ALL fee's.Anti-Scam Happy to screenshare to prove I am not using a VPN/VPS and will be paying directly from MY PayPal balance (ID matches name of PP account).All trades are recorded and both parties will PM each other the following after agreeing to a deal on Skype: Who Goes First? If you have less than 40 feedback (feedback/vouches accepted from all popular sites) I will require you to go first as I have proven myself to be trustworthy with $600+ trades.If you have more than 40 feedback + are very trusted I will go first.Cheers!
  19. V3 changelog - Added search option (shows path in bot debug) - Added toggle to image debugging - Faster due to less debugging V6 changelog - Does now debug the information in the "Client Debug" tab - Search does now return ALL the found items instead of stopping after finding one match - Updated default size of the GUI so that you won't need to scroll most of the times. You can still resize it to your likings obviously Screenshots of version #6 Explorer Searching http://puu.sh/4kq8M.png Pre-compiled version can be downloaded below. You can find the source on Github, link can be found in my signature. You can also get it on the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=interface&sort=default&category=all&price=any JJsInterfaceExplorerV6.zip
  20. =======Client Updated to Version 2====== Hello guys and welcome to my OSRS Client. I saw that another member had posted theirs so i decided to post mine. I made this back when 07 first came out and have been updating it ever since whenever i feel there is something i need to add or a friend asks for an addon. Huge thanks to Aplous for helping with making the client better Features include- -Youtube -Pandora -A tab for you to choose whatever website you want (Just type in the url in the box below the your choice button) -Auto Clicker and Typer -World Map Tab -Zybez Price Guide Tab -Zybez Price Guide Tool -Bank Pin Generator(For them times u dont wanna think of 4 numbers) -and much more Here are some pictures of the Rs Client. Client Overview Startup Menu Tools Tab World Map Preview Hiscores Lookup Zybez Price Guide Tool Auto Typer Tool Auto Clicker Tool Calculator Tool ScreenShot Tool You can get my client here : Version 1: Version 2: Version 2.2: Version 2.3: Source: Virustotal scan here: Thanks for Downloading if you did. Leave feedback i am willing to add things that are recommended or asked by people so just leave suggestions below. . To install open the WinRar file extract the folder you see to your desktop. Double Click on setup. Once you do this there are a few options and then it will install. If you wish to uninstall the client go to your control panel and then to your programs and look for RS07 and uninstall that which is the client. If a moderator or admin could vouch for this that would be great
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