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Found 4 results

  1. Fluffee's Guide to Generating Random Breaks What you'll need: A spreadsheet program (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Libre Office)Google Sheets is recommended (drive.google.com) A bit of time (5 Minutes) And the desire to create random breaks for TRiBot Step 1: Create your Break Times Creating your random break times is done through the familiar website random.org. Head over to random.org, and select "Lists and More" then chose "Clock Times". To save you the trouble, here's a direct link to the clock times page (here). You should arrive at the page that looks like this. Now, don't be alarmed, I'll walk you through it. In the first field, the generate field enter in the number of breaks you would like to take. In the second field which reads "09:00" in the picture above, enter in 00:00 In the third field enter how many hours you are botting in military time, with a maximum of 24. (3 hours is 03:00, 15 hours is 15:00) Leave the intervals at 5 minutes, this merely states what number the breaks will end in. But since TRiBot has the randomness feature, the ending minute doesn't make a big difference! Hit Get Times, and wait for your new page to load For the purposes of this tutorial, I went with 5 breaks over the course of 2 hours. Here's the result Now, copy those break times, and head over to your spreadsheet. Link (here) If using google drive, go to File and click Make a Copy to use the sheet. For everyone else, click download. Paste your break times into the first column, like so, and the second column will automatically adjust The first column is the time stamps you generated, and the second column is how long the bot will play for before taking the first break. The second column automatically changes colour based upon the length of time, merely to make it easier to read. The little section titled durations and breaks are my own personal rules for breaks and are there purely so I don't forget them. They are are up to you, feel free to chose your own! Next click on the box labelled duration (top row second column), a little arrow appears, this is how you will organize your breaks. The way this works is, you will generate break times within a range depending on the amount of play time. That way, you don't play for five minutes and take 45 minute breaks, and then play for four hours with a 30 second break. I like to organize mine with the table shown on the right, so I'm going to only leave the boxes from 0 to 20 checked, as you can see here. (I excluded 0 and the blanks to hide rows with nothing in them, just trust me on this one) Click okay, and watch the magic. Your rows hide, and only show the one's you've selected! Now, count the number of breaks you have left ( I have two) Keep that number in mind, and head back to random.org. But this time go to Numbers and then Integers (link here) In the first box, type the number of breaks you have (for me, I have 2) In the second box (which reads 1 in the picture), type the minimum break length in seconds In the third box (which reads 100 in the picture), type the maximum break length in seconds In the fourth box (which reads 5 in the picture), type 1 and hit "Get Numbers" After clicking the button, you should arrive at a page which looks like this Copy that list of numbers and paste them back into your spreadsheet, in the column labelled "Raw Value", and voila the seconds convert to break times usable by TriBot and are located in the column "Break Times" Paste those numbers into the TriBot Break Handler and you've got yourself some random break times. Sometime in the future I'll make an AutoHotKey script inputting the breaks, but for now enjoy copying and pasting I hope this helped someone. If not, at least I know how hard a tutorial is to make!
  2. by Dreaming The Tribot Guide Series #1 Even though most of you probably know these tactics, some of you don't. This is going to be an in depth guide about how to keep your Runescape account safe, and I will go over pretty much every technique of how your account can be compromised, and how to prevent it. How to protect your account: 1. Register a damn email: If someone gets on your account and you have not registered an email, it's pretty much game over. Once their email is linked to your account, chances of getting the account back are slim to none. Having your email also strongly boosts your chances of recovering your account in the event that it is compromised. 2. BANK PIN: This is my most important point. Most people fail to understand the importance of one of these bad boys, and see them more as a burden. Bank pins will save your life though, take my word for it. Unless your hacker has you ratted and have a pin logger on you, they won't be getting into your bank. 3. Deposit items before logging out: I know it may sound a bit paranoid, but if you have the slightest suspicion that someone may have your info I would recommend banking all items of value before logging out, so that they're safe and sound. This is assuming that you followed step 2, and you have a bank pin. Those are just the basics of how to ensure safety in the event that someone does have your information. In the next section I'll go over how to ensure that you're 100% safe, and no one ever gets your information to begin with. How to decrease the risk of getting hacked: 1. Phishing: Probably Runescape's biggest plague right now is phishing. Don't get caught in the trap! I don't care how similar the URL looks to an actual Runescape URL. 99% of the time, a link in a YouTube video description is a phishing link. Always look at the URL, and make sure you have the green secure box. If that isn't there you're probably being phished. In Runescape, you'll see a lot of people spamming "free 1m to join a clan, look up "video" on YouTube". Don't even do that, it's just a phishing scam. Also, the most complex one to identify is an email phishing scam. In these cases, an email can contain a link that is identical to the Runescape URL. Upon clicking the link, you may notice the URL displayed is not the same URL that you saw in your email. This too, is a phishing scam. 2. Keyloggers / RATs: Not as common, yet still fairly common. Don't download bots you find off of youtube, or anywhere for that matter. Most .exe, or even .bat files typically are a RAT or keylogger. Bot clients will be a .Jar file, not a .exe. On that note if you're looking for trusted Runescape bots, I would recommend TriBot. Here is a full guide from Zybez: 3. Java Drive By (JDB): These are some of the most sneaky attempts at getting your info. A Java Drive By is a virus (Keylogger or RAT) hidden inside a Java applet. Have you ever played a Runescape Private Server, or even Runescape, and seen the little Java pop up that you have to click "Run" on? Well, a Java Drive By looks identical. People often spread these using their "Private Servers". When you click "Run" or "Allow" on the Java Applet, you are secretly allowing their files onto your computer. My advice would be not to trust any programs with a Java pop up unless it is Runescape, or a trusted private server you have played. If you want to tell for sure, you can view the page source of the "Private server" and search for a .exe file. This doesn't work 100% of the time as the file isn't always present in the HTML, but if it is, you know it's a JDB. If you don't find any results for a .exe file, it could still very well be a JDB. Deal with EXTREME CAUTION around Java pop ups. I believe I have covered pretty much everything I know of. If you have anything else you think should be added, or if you find any mistakes in this thread, please don't hesitate to let me know. I could easily have forgotten something, so go ahead and point out anything you feel the need to to me.
  3. Introduction Hello everyone I have personally been botting since 2010 back when rs2 was botable. Back then I did goldfarming running 24/7 and made approximately $300 a week. Now after a few months of botting on runescape 2007 I have decided to post my guide that I use to not get banned. I have yet to be banned on 30+ accounts running 24/7. If I am missing any tips please let me know I will include it in my guide and cite you as a source. Making A Account(s) The first step to successfully botting on runescape 2007 is making a username. It's important to seem as noobie as possible to not attract attention. Make sure you chose a name that is plain (ex: Joshh287). If you have a rare username it will attract attention then when you don't respond people will most likely report you. ​Appearance When you begin botting make sure you do not appear flashy. Wear decent armor so you seem like a noob so you don't stand out and have people asking you how you got your items. Never go for the oldschool level 3 Bob outfit this will get you called a bot in no time. Staying Undetected Never post the username of any account you bot on ANYWHERE. Posting your username will have people snooping on the highscores an will most likely get you banned . Bots This is the part than many people mess up on. Choosing a type of bot is crucial. Note that there is no such thing as "Ban Rate" the only ways Jagex can ban bots is relying on: Bot busters: Jagex mods that go around banning bots in popular botting area's. Reports: Players reporting bots. This leads to Jagex reviewing the reported account and if they see anything bot like they ban them. Randoms: The more randoms that you fail will catch Jagex's attention and lead to your account being monitored and then banned. With that being said make sure you only use Tribot as it almost never fails a random. Now when deciding witch bot to run on your account(s) make sure you do NOT use a heavily botted area as this will make it easy to get banned. Try and find a bot that not many legit people know is bottable. This way you will blend in with legit players better. Breaks Personally I believe using breaks on the bot client is pointless as it only reduces your profit per hour. With years of botting 24/7 I have yet to receive a ban. With that being said make sure to not use any breaks on the client. If you are really really worried then just stop botting every few days and play legit or run a different bot. Banned What Now? If you do end up getting banned somehow and receive a "goldfarming ban" then unplug your router for a few hours then plug it back in or buy a new router. If you get this type of ban Jagex will flag your ip and constantly monitor your account. If you get any other type of ban its okay just make another account and keep botting 24/7. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27186-guide-to-goldfarming/ My guide to goldfarming. I hope you enjoyed this guide. I am no way guaranteeing or promising that you will never get banned using this guide. I am only trying to help the community spread awareness to decrease the amounts of bans happening.
  4. I've seen people post snippets of Ent detection for woodcutting that work with NPC names and IDs. However, it is a lot more work than needed to gather the IDs and change names if your script cuts multiple tree types. I've come up with a simple method that determines if you are cutting an Ent by simply checking the location of the nearest tree in question. It has worked great during my tests. If any experienced programmer sees a flaw, please let me know so that it can be fixed. /** * Returns true iff the player is cutting an Ent. * @param currentTree The tree currently being cut. * @param treeID The id of the tree being cut. * @return true iff the player is cutting an Ent. */ private boolean checkEnts(RSObject currentTree, int treeID) { trees = Objects.findNearest(20, treeID); sleep(200, 400); // You could eliminate the else statement using a combination of || and &&. if (trees.length == 0) { return true; } else { if (!trees[0].getPosition().equals(currentTree.getPosition())) { return true; } } return false; }The method should be called while the player is cutting a tree or when the player's animation is wood cutting. If the bot determines that there are no trees nearby and the player is cutting, then you are cutting an Ent and you should simply run away. However, if there are trees nearby and the tree you are cutting is not the nearest tree, the bot should move to the nearest tree. (You can do this by calling your cut method again).
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