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Found 18 results

  1. Hey, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong section but i am kinda frustrated. i have red the dispute format rules - but i think it wouldnt make much sense doing this for this kind of matter. sorry. I hope the awesome support members of tribot will help me sort this out.. basically, i asked @Druid if he could write me a private muling script. He agreed, offered me some options, and then i payed 225$ He said it'll be finished in a few days. the day it was finished, he told me he will upload the finished version at the end of the day. He also noted that he will be on vacation for 8 months. I ran the script, got an error message (all in the attached pictures) So now i cant contact him, i cant use the script, and the money is gone too.. (payed over the repository) Could you please help me guys? Thanks alot in advance!
  2. Scammer's Username: MontrealLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @Montreal Chat/Discussion Methods: None.Chat Username(If Applicable)*: None. Describe in detail in your words what happened: Identical situation to pass consumers. Montreal has provided me with two sets of proxys that do not work. I have submitted two tickets on his hosted website as well as messaged him directly on tribot forums and left a message on his forum post with no reply. It's been a week now since these proxys have not worked and I have not heard a single word from monteral at all. It's a shame I have to make a dispute since I had no issues with his service prior to this. Evidence**: In the screenshots you can see the provided proxys and a clear example of a proxy not working which is the case for all. Requesting immediate refund, compensation for time lost.
  3. Guest

    W Construction Dispute

    Script Author: @Worthy Link to Script's Thread: (Link) Date Purchased: (15 October 2017) What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s) Gif: https://gyazo.com/06e050a120472a597da81ecd14c7afaf Contacted in thread Issue(s): Details of what issues you are experiencing with the script in detail The script will attempt to click an object for 10 minutes, clicking in the exact same position, and then quit. My account is probably already flagged for botting now as it has happened 3+ times. Contacted the script owner and he says everything is fine.
  4. Guest

    Scammed by Drem

    Scammer UserName: Drem Link to Scammer's Tribot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/8143-drem/ Describe in detail in your words what happened: I had decided to sell 100mil last night as quick as possible and Drem messaged me saying he would buy. I decided we should use Paypal and I would use the request money feature and since I have 0 reputation and it was late at night, I decided to go first. After the trade, he just logged off, blocked all tribot messages from me, and cancelled the request for money sent on Paypal. Evidence: Pictures below Other: He had good reputation and traded with a mod before on his account page before successfully so I decided to trust him... Bad mistake. http://imgur.com/a/ylMz9 - Tried to get proof of verified account on paypal http://imgur.com/a/3rDLE - proof that the account being traded is his and mine http://imgur.com/a/0VbdO - going first and trading him the 100 mil http://imgur.com/a/gLPQG - trade being accepted http://imgur.com/a/xuqYN - messenger disabled after trade http://imgur.com/a/6SUW0 - stopped replying altogether http://imgur.com/a/rdTyf - the money request on Paypal is also disabled I've documented everything here and hopefully there is a way to get a refund or AT LEAST permanently banning his account. We don't need any more people getting scammed like me, even though I was a fool to go first. First time for everything. He even has the audacity to post on the tribot forum this morning acting like nothing has happened and blocking me on messenger. If there is anything wrong with my post or need additional information, let me know. Thanks!
  5. @Usa - You said the final post made was 901. - You said more than one post got deleted. Both not true. Proof: It says 900. ...................................................................... and here it's 899. That is showing us, only one single post was removed. Now, you can see in this picture it says 577th and my username. and this was before one post got removed. that means this is the final winner. And now lets take a look who is 577 after one post got removed. And you can see it live when you go the thread, it says 577 and his username. Keep in mind this was after one post got removed. This is proof enough that i was the first winner. If you delete one post it will switch the numbers.. one post goes up to a new postion (number) You can try that yourself. Do not post here if you are not a staff member
  6. Profile of user:https://tribot.org/forums/user/274464-bottedsales/ Date:7/10/2015 Feedback left:Sales trashing, suspected he was DDoS'ing me due to declining his deal. Why should it be removed:Basically we were talking on skype to make a deal,he declined the deal,which was fine by me.Afterwards i posted on his thread that account selling is against tribot rules and now he is mad and false accusing me of ddosing If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):N/A
  7. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/user/130825-leoshiro/ Date:28/08/2015 Feedback left: "i dont know why he keeps providing me with pics to troll me" -leoshiro Why should it be removed: i dont even know why this user left me a feedback, and i dont know what he means with "keeps providing me pics to troll me" i just commented his thread. with: Thank you
  8. Scammer's offsite profile: http://www.sythe.org/members/433016-rs3hot.html Scammer's offsite scam report thread: http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer-archive/1852781-rs3hot-scammed-30m.html Proof that the TRiBot user and off-site user are the same person: https://tribot.org/forums/user/181860-rs3hot/ Chat/discussion methods: Skype Chat username (If Applicable): $25 / SVU - Sythe Describe in detail in your words what happened: i posted a sythe thread in the gold selling section. 5 min later i got pmed by the verified rs3hot user on sythe. traded him 30m 07, and never received the money (paypal) Evidence: sythe pm : http://gyazo.com/f7edfc467b25f940e2108b1664d48445 Skype ID: http://gyazo.com/3e81905f9d2d2565983c64a8ba413e17 The full sythe dispute can be found here as well : http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer-archive/1852781-rs3hot-scammed-30m.html
  9. Just got a feedback without even trading with bogla, just like a lot other users. he is spaming feedbacks to advertise i dont know. Bogla's past feedback: Please remove this positive feedback from my profile
  10. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/ Make sure to @Mention the user @Mat. If the user has a space in the middle use this layout make sure you place Matt with the users name. @wussupwussup Price you paid for script: $15 for each auth How many auths you bought: 2 Date purchased: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 , Fri, 07 Nov 2014 Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active etc: http://imgur.com/mjv7deR http://imgur.com/Rp4gHNu http://imgur.com/zRtgSWr http://imgur.com/vYi6Bnz Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: Script always had bugs even though it is able to run, as to say, it might get stuck until the user rectify the problem himself manually. Scripter ignored all of users bug complains, did not even bother to read pm/skype. Since Runescape updated with the "spacebar" feature to skip dialogue, the script been completely broken and unusable. Therefore Id like a refund for the auths on the script I've purchased as I could use the credits on other scripts that are functional.
  11. Script's thread Price: $3,99 Auths: 1 Purchased on: 12 May 2015 Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3 Problem 1 Problem 2 And a lot more.. I request the script's sales to be closed until the problems are solved and possibly a refund. Even though it's only $4, he deserves none of it. @wussupwussup
  12. It has been frustrating for all when scripters goes MIA , users are left hanging with a broken script that's unusable, and management team trying to contact them due to users complaining which leads to no avail. I looked around TRiBot to find if there's any policies that dictates under what circumstances will the script be suspended. The following are the main points; You must alert the following parties if you are going to be inactive for more than one week if it will affect your Script's on-going service:Any moderator VIA reporting your own post with inactivity information. The moderator will then close your thread until you return.Your customers VIA the last post in your thread before it is locked and a centered size 24+ announcement as the first text on the original post of your thread.You must fully support your users. This means that if an issue is presented to you in which you or your script is responsible it must be fixed. There is no stagnant time on issues as they may be very complex, but the scripting moderation team will be contacting you and conducting an investigation to assure that you are moving towards bringing the script's userbase to 100% happiness.Problems with the client or the users' computer are not your fault. Please direct them to the appropriate Help & Guidance section.You must provide essential updates required for the basic functionality promised in the original design of the script. Improving and adding new features is entirely up to the Scripter.Violation of any of these terms puts your Scripter rank and Premium Script thread up for immediate review. Many of the premiums scripts have bugs, but it isn't the main point. As long the scripter(s) are willing to fix it and give an estimated time of completion, I'm sure users are willing to wait for an update. I see many scripters offering one time "lifetime" script which supposedly give users unlimited time to use the script without having to pay every month for it. In my opinion, this have both pro & cons. -Pros Save users money & trouble having to renew every month for subscription.-Cons Many Scripters seem to take little responsibility after certain period to maintain scripts.Users are left with a useless script once it is broken after having paid possibly a large amount if they bought it for many accounts.Users are left hanging for possibly days, weeks or even months to "wait" for an update that isn't going to happen!The main point of this thread is to propose a better solution for these kind of situation where scripters goes MIA. Possible solution: -Monthly subscription for scripts, yes this increases cost for bots for users but more importantly this encourages scripters to take better responsibility to take charge of their scripts if they do want to profit more from their scripts. -In the event where scripters goes inactive for a long period and the script haven't been updated to fix bugs etc, the management team reserves the right to suspend the sales of the script AND transfer the scripting rights to another scripter who is willing to take charge of the scripts to maintain the script(s). I've noticed this situation long ago in TRiBot but all that's been done is to suspend the sales, scripter rank reviewed and maybe release the script after MONTHS of inactiveness on the script. I believe this situation can be improved to make TRiBot a better community and also increase the amount of users & scripters to TRiBot. @TRiLeZ
  13. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/ Price you paid for script: $15 How many auths you bought: 1 Date purchased: 27 October 2014 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: Pictures from skype ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Thread quote(biggest bug report); Check out pages 124-126 Page 124 Page 125 Page 126 Numerous people asking and reporting bugs. I would like to add that i'm actually a big fan of Wussupwussup! I think he's a nice guy and wants to work on it but real life issues might be holding him back. He wanted to fix it in the weekend but my account got banned and i asked him during the weekend to respond because i wanted confirmation(he never responded) and i was away from saturday evening to tuesday evening. So i can't provide any accounts anymore but the bugs in the script make it impossible to run for +4 hours at a time and many actions make it EXTREMELY botlike, rendering the ABCL and ultimately the level of quality of a premium script useless. I'm reluctant to post this but considering the time zone difference and the communication is rather slow i think this is the best way to ensure the quality of the barrows premium script keeps being in line with the other premium scripts. TLDR: Script has a lot of bugs and even though the scripter is a nice guy and shows willingness to fix the bugs, it's not happening; making the script below premium script quality. Notifying people: @wussupwussup @YoHoJo @Usa ... i don't know who else to tag in here EDIT: I would like to point out i'm not asking for a refund, i'm just asking for the script to be fixed(make it possible to run +10-12 hours)
  14. Scammer's Username: Graszy Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/user/65268-graszy/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Skype Username: Albinsmain Describe in detail in your words what happened: I needed a regular Tribot VIP so i decided to buy one from this user. I checked his thread to see if he had any good feedback and he didn't so i offered that he either go first and i paid him afterwards or we do a 50-50 where i paid 50% of the total 2.5m costing price and then he would give me the could and i would afterwards pay him the remaining 1.25m after i succeeded in becoming vip. I traded him the 1.25m then he told me his account got disconnected and asked me if i ddosed him. afterwards he give me the vip code and i tried it but when i clicked "submit" it said the code was invalid and so i told him to give me another one since this one is invalid. He refused to do so and asked for another 1.25m and i said no and asked for a refund on the 1.25m since i did not get a valid vip code which was promised before i was to give the remaining 1.25m. Also he threatened to disconnect me from the server for 2 days if i were to report him. Evidence**: Evidence of the code not working (code:VIP-UYwDlshrlmu6dmbw5Q90L0GmZMz6KGeJNr0i8EAYvhqop) http://gyazo.com/d796eb79e5034bd549a5c1fb9dcd2a17 http://gyazo.com/3298af426f178af503bcb9d8e9f695d7 Evidence of the conversation that we had through skype: http://gyazo.com/f674fa4742d63ed15fa9bc08dd597b73 http://gyazo.com/ae652d664cadd2bc75dc0118bf6eec61 http://gyazo.com/b2807c077ad84bbd368b25d65b8d0b40 http://gyazo.com/b21a1935077037165a7fa7d61e784d0e http://gyazo.com/fd47d7c507f5c244d5411c30ec818d71 http://gyazo.com/6c4a0e9900051d23bf3e50af3380d0bb http://gyazo.com/1341dafcaf3907841b07a72e2ed44607 http://gyazo.com/b956d54185b28744a2634b5ac91dcd6b http://gyazo.com/eaff2f4b760a224d69a1c07ee4e0ccfd http://gyazo.com/7a1a72c8b4f561227a6bac93d67d3c03 http://gyazo.com/9b20c98dfc84d675441d46acc3c9a4f5 http://gyazo.com/e6bf24cf3308f420cfafd8044cbb441a http://gyazo.com/dfbc880c216644dcca7e665b9fecac64 (in the last photo where the messages where deletes was where he threatened to disconnect me from the server for 2 days). Proof of his account not being disconnected: http://gyazo.com/b64d863205aa90859b01de00debbf607 Other: I would like to get my 1.25m back and if not i would at lease have helped the community by getting this user banned. ty
  15. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/24614-assume-staker-35am-or-130a-or-175munlimited-2147b-2147bhr25bprofit116hrddswhipboxscim/ Price you paid for script: $35 How many auths you bought: 1 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: I have attempted to resolve the issue with Assume and waited 5 days before filing this dispute. Dear TriBot administration, After using Assume's staking script these past few weeks, I've realized the significant inaccuracy of its win percent calculator. And it has cost me millions. Assume himself said "it's not inaccurate". I'm writing to prove him wrong. On April 20th, Assume's script realize 45% wins out of 132 duels. His calculator projected 68% win chances: Here is another instance: After reviewing my case, please refund $35. Thank you for your time and consideration, Jlaz Senior TriBot member
  16. Profile of user: Mohamedrulez Date: October 30th 2013 Feedback left: Why should it be removed: As it says here, i clearly do not have VIP In stock because of obvious reasons. The Infamous Error code on 2checkout when you try to buy from site. I can confirm his account did trade me 3.8m though If the user would like his 3.8m back then he can message me back on Skype (is currently offline) or can wait until VIP System is working and i can get him a code.
  17. Username: "Violent" Reason: "Accusing a member of scamming (Rat'ing, specifically) without proof and general flaming towards this user. Issueing authority: Blade Points: 4 points and suspended for 7 days. Explanation: He's the one calling me the names and general flaming towards me. And yes he did scam me 25$ For Mute's AIO Slayer Script. I had the script for less then a week and then he quit. So then i couldn't use the script. Please refer to my scam report against him for more details on that. Below you can see the wonderful gallery of how he is the one being rude to not only me but to other PAYING CUSTOMERS too. Feedback he left for me, calling me a retard? " i dont give a shit" - Mute "You're just a retard" - Mute And yes i did get pissed off how he could get away with almost anything so i posted some propaganda on his topic, which is nothing near as what he's said to me other other users of his script. Mute being rude 1: and once again .... doesnt just ignore me ... ^^ More rudeness. ... I think i've made my point ...
  18. Scammer's Username: SSzero/k.stokes Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/33470-sszero/ Chat/Discussion Methods: skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*:mesnare on skype Describe in detail in your words what happened: I was looking for a private script that would accept gp for me and log the transactions. after a while of talking to him we met up and he was going to test the script with me, but he said he didnt have membership so that would be the payment for making the script. I then applied membership for him and then we went on testing the script. after a long time he then said he was done and didnt wanna make it anymore. he said he would refund me on "thursday" as in sept 13 at the very latest. I decided to give him a little while to refund. He started the script on the 6th of august and then said he was still working on it on the 13th of august. Evidence**: theres him basically admitting to scamming me for it. Other: It's been other a month and it's still not done. He claims hes still making it but thats so bs ... Leespiker has made this for me 100x better, I just want the membership back. i mean, it's only 7.95$ ... If you need anything else to prove that he scammed me just let me know, im not quiet sure what else you need.
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