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Found 15 results

  1. Scammer's Username: Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/276978-planetsgold/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Live chat Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Yode, Sam, Boris (Yes all of them involved in this case) Describe in detail in your words what happened: I saw their thread again on tribot, and decided to hop for 50m gold. Purchased normally, and sent paypal email confirmation to Yode, then Yode asked for my Drivers out of sudden along with "I authorize this transaction" paper, despite me having pristine clear history of over 500m+ purchases with them. Sure, I ga
  2. Scammer's Username: MontrealLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @Montreal Chat/Discussion Methods: None.Chat Username(If Applicable)*: None. Describe in detail in your words what happened: Identical situation to pass consumers. Montreal has provided me with two sets of proxys that do not work. I have submitted two tickets on his hosted website as well as messaged him directly on tribot forums and left a message on his forum post with no reply. It's been a week now since these proxys have not worked and I have not heard a single word from monteral at all. It's a shame I have to make a dispute s
  3. Not even sure if this is technically allowed, but I want to save people from experiencing the same troubles I did. This is in no way meant to absolve myself of any actions i have taken, but merely to share my experience with others to advise them to stay clear of that place altogether. For some background, I am one of the largest account makers in the RS2 marketplace, with over 800,000 sold this year alone. This was no small task and it took me 8 hours a day for upwards of six months to get the operation running, which included breaking Jagex's detection methods for tutorial island. Aft
  4. Guest

    Scammed by Drem

    Scammer UserName: Drem Link to Scammer's Tribot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/8143-drem/ Describe in detail in your words what happened: I had decided to sell 100mil last night as quick as possible and Drem messaged me saying he would buy. I decided we should use Paypal and I would use the request money feature and since I have 0 reputation and it was late at night, I decided to go first. After the trade, he just logged off, blocked all tribot messages from me, and cancelled the request for money sent on Paypal. Evidence: Pictures below Other: He had good reput
  5. Scammer's Username: AlexJohnson Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=146271&st=0#msg261655 Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: osbjoe Describe in detail in your words what happened: Originally this guy was going to do some account leveling for me but due to mules getting banned I didn't have the extra money. He messaged me on skype today and asked if he could buy some gold, I said yes, we agreed on $1.4/m, we met, in lumbridge, I gave him the gold
  6. Scammer's Username: agentorange Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/175996-agentorange/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: esenajj Describe in detail in your words what happened: He bought 49m 07 from me 2 days ago. He charged back just now. Evidence**: Chargebacks: http://i.gyazo.com/7ac7822e9c3fe13084754391a982fc1f.png http://i.gyazo.com/0989161140e6d75423e02ac7254b35ea.png PM: http://i.gyazo.com/ae625e070efb264f9da8abe505dd8c8e.png Skype: http://i.gyazo.com/a42963ba30f549ba63d523c669e15379.png Transactions: http://i.gyazo.com/d8821dd
  7. Kalvin ( https://tribot.org/forums/user/178850-kalvin/?tab=feedback) , scammed me and a few more ppl . after he scammed me for 3.3m i left him a negative feedback, so he went to my profile aswell and left me a false feedback. can anyone remove the false feedback please and ban this user ? he keeps scamming other forum user, but unfortunately nobody cares. https://tribot.org/forums/user/178850-kalvin/?tab=feedback https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44725-selling-bonds-11m-ea-for-the-next-4-hours/#entry536056 screenshots : http://gyazo.com/cbf242c4e1884efc8add8386128fe3f8 http://gyazo
  8. Guest

    SCAM, WTF?

    5 months ago i bought 3-4 premium scrips, I made a new RS account, and logged back on tribot's homepage to ''chack'' mine bots, and if i remember clear, i should still have them. When i logged on now, i didn't have one single premium bot, where the hell are they? I duno if i remember right, but it was a premium or VIP scripts, i paid like 10-12 dollar for each.....
  9. How to conduct trades via Skype - With Pictures Dreaming's Guide Series #3 Part 1 - Adding Contacts Correctly
  10. Scammer's Username: Graszy Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/user/65268-graszy/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Skype Username: Albinsmain Describe in detail in your words what happened: I needed a regular Tribot VIP so i decided to buy one from this user. I checked his thread to see if he had any good feedback and he didn't so i offered that he either go first and i paid him afterwards or we do a 50-50 where i paid 50% of the total 2.5m costing price and then he would give me the could and i would afterwards pay him the remaining 1.25m af
  11. Vorp's profile: https://tribot.org/f...4252-vorpallix/ Friday night I was trying to trade My Paypal cash card for some Runescape 07 cash when Vorpallix pmed me at night we where talking on skype for several minutes when this happened: Was kinda busy [7/18/2014 11:10:36 PM] Vorpallix || TRIBOT || FIRESALE ON REPO CREDITS || 350K EA: we are good to go now and I have 12.5M cash [7/18/2014 11:11:27 PM] Bern13s applegate: i am at lumbridge [7/18/2014 11:11:56 PM] Vorpallix || TRIBOT || FIRESALE ON REPO CREDITS || 350K EA: Ok let me do this transaction real quick/ [7/18/2014 11:15:14 PM] Vor
  12. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/22817-hades-recovered-account/ http://osbot.org/forum/topic/21461-dispute-against-hadesstuart-same-person/ THat is my dispute against him, moderators comfirmed they are the same people. Scammer's Username: Cyan Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: Cyan Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Which one of his skypes do you want? Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Hades/Stuart1283/Cyan Describe in detail in your words what happened: Evidence**: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/23021-hades-ban-evader/?hl=hades http://gyazo.com/dd3756b685e4685ba7ba
  13. Hey guys!. Just like the say Usfmemorys has been banned on sythe for scamming. Sythe: Source: http://www.sythe.org/account-upgrade-services/1633015-selling-rs-membership-30day-pin.html Tribot: Source: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20956-selling-runescape-membership-cheap50-off-rs-prices/ The skype ID's match. (nickiscooltom) EDIT: He wants to make users membership half price and to do so he has to log into there account. Clearly a scam.
  14. Scammer's Username: Mute Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/6426-mute/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: mute-x Describe in detail in your words what happened: I bought his AIO Slayer Script 5 days ago. The policy on TRiBot says that if the script is getting discontinued then we have a right for a 2 week notice. I just bought the script 5 days ago? No where near 2 week notice it was getting shut down. Apart from him constant rude behaviours,not just towards me... look here https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20831
  15. Scammer's Username: zeron123 Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/24632-zeron123/Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: dubstep_pk Describe in detail in your words what happened: I was going to buy VIP from him, he agreed to go first, I went on screenshare, he sent me the VIP and I tried to apply it but then it just said invalid, then he said sec. continued to report me for RWT/ Botting Evidence**: Other: You can clearly see I don't have VIP ....
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