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Found 6 results

  1. BlackCat


    Hi, looking for a scripter to look over some code and get it running. I don't think it will take long. private message me please. Thank you!
  2. I Would like to ask the community, and to know their position towards scripters. I dont want to mention all the scripters, but am I the only guy who notices that most of the premium scripters, are currently just selling their scripts without any maintenance or support? They are not answering questions or bugs in their threads, ignoring user complaints, ignoring PM messages due being online and so on... I think the community could name several scripts, that are currently being sold in the repository, but are not functioning or fully working. Is there a way to prevent paying for scripts, and afterwards fighting for your money? I want to repeat myself, I am not talking about all the scripters or all of their scripts! Waiting for your opinion.. For a couple examples check these threads ant user complaints:
  3. TRiBot Rank & Title List Administrator @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd Super Moderator @YoHoJo Moderator @Crimson @erickho123 @Flax @iFluffee @Montreal @The Black Tux Contributor @Gregdw Ex-Staff @Blade @Crimson @FallenShadow @I M Elmo @J M C @Mat @Matt @Mute @mjmfighter @Thebat @TheD @Vancouver @Zainy Support @chrismoon @Crimson @Dukat @Encoded @erickho123 @Flax @iFluffee @ITryNotToTroll @Matt @Mute @TacoManStan @Twinky @Vancouver @Zainy Premium Scripter @AlphaDog @Arckos @Aropupu @Assume @daxmagex @Druid @Encoded @erickho123 @iant06 @J J @JoeDezzy1 @karlrais @Laniax @Leespiker @modulusfrank12 @Mute @Netami @NewBotterFTW @RuniteRocks @Starfox @TacoManStan @TehRhio @Tri @TRiLeZ @Usa @warfront1 @Worthy @wussupwussup @xCode @Zainy Scripter @c#2Bot @Final Calibur @Integer @ITryNotToTroll @peticca10 @WillB These are sorted alphabetically. This list is updated often.
  4. It has been frustrating for all when scripters goes MIA , users are left hanging with a broken script that's unusable, and management team trying to contact them due to users complaining which leads to no avail. I looked around TRiBot to find if there's any policies that dictates under what circumstances will the script be suspended. The following are the main points; You must alert the following parties if you are going to be inactive for more than one week if it will affect your Script's on-going service:Any moderator VIA reporting your own post with inactivity information. The moderator will then close your thread until you return.Your customers VIA the last post in your thread before it is locked and a centered size 24+ announcement as the first text on the original post of your thread.You must fully support your users. This means that if an issue is presented to you in which you or your script is responsible it must be fixed. There is no stagnant time on issues as they may be very complex, but the scripting moderation team will be contacting you and conducting an investigation to assure that you are moving towards bringing the script's userbase to 100% happiness.Problems with the client or the users' computer are not your fault. Please direct them to the appropriate Help & Guidance section.You must provide essential updates required for the basic functionality promised in the original design of the script. Improving and adding new features is entirely up to the Scripter.Violation of any of these terms puts your Scripter rank and Premium Script thread up for immediate review. Many of the premiums scripts have bugs, but it isn't the main point. As long the scripter(s) are willing to fix it and give an estimated time of completion, I'm sure users are willing to wait for an update. I see many scripters offering one time "lifetime" script which supposedly give users unlimited time to use the script without having to pay every month for it. In my opinion, this have both pro & cons. -Pros Save users money & trouble having to renew every month for subscription.-Cons Many Scripters seem to take little responsibility after certain period to maintain scripts.Users are left with a useless script once it is broken after having paid possibly a large amount if they bought it for many accounts.Users are left hanging for possibly days, weeks or even months to "wait" for an update that isn't going to happen!The main point of this thread is to propose a better solution for these kind of situation where scripters goes MIA. Possible solution: -Monthly subscription for scripts, yes this increases cost for bots for users but more importantly this encourages scripters to take better responsibility to take charge of their scripts if they do want to profit more from their scripts. -In the event where scripters goes inactive for a long period and the script haven't been updated to fix bugs etc, the management team reserves the right to suspend the sales of the script AND transfer the scripting rights to another scripter who is willing to take charge of the scripts to maintain the script(s). I've noticed this situation long ago in TRiBot but all that's been done is to suspend the sales, scripter rank reviewed and maybe release the script after MONTHS of inactiveness on the script. I believe this situation can be improved to make TRiBot a better community and also increase the amount of users & scripters to TRiBot. @TRiLeZ
  5. Some scripters use Salvation's loader, or Devloader, but I think they should be disallowed. >>I'm not trying to bash the owners of loaders here, so far so good, but it has potential to be bad.<< Why? The only person who has control over the scripts being distributed are the owners of the loaders.They could modify scripts to do malicious things and blame it on the scripter if they wanted to.The loaders could be accessing malicious files and installing them.TRiBot staff aren't able to verify whether or not the scripts are malicious. (They could ask the owner of the loader, or the scripter, but the owner of the loader could send a clean version, and the scripter doesn't necessarily have the same version that's being distributed if it had a virus)You can't have two loaders. I personally have Salvation's loader for a fishing script, and I can't use devloader at the same time.TRiBot would have to push the SDN or something else. I know this would create a lot of leaching, but I can't think of a solution besides SDN.
  6. Nice, the other old school bot seems to support most/all randoms. I've probably made the switch, not 100% sure yet. Suggestion A lot of people have been complaining about randoms, so I think that we should have a new member group for random solvers on the TRiBot forums. Description This member group would consist of scripters, obviously, who are willing to watch out for Jagex randoms updates, and immediately begin working to program the fixes for them. If this member group had at least 5 people, randoms would be patched within a day after they were updated. I would even wish to help out and join the member group myself, I would agree to put all else aside as soon as a random patch is needed, and I'm sure many others would as well. Why should randoms be script-sided? Obviously the group wouldn't have access to the TRiBot client source files, but that isn't needed. Rather, the random fixes can be script-sided so that they can be added to scripts immediately. TRiLez would have even less to worry about with all of the crap he's constantly having to update aside from randoms. The random fixes would obviously only work on the TRiBot API, so it wouldn't really matter if they were released publicly to VIP Members or Scripters only. Thus we would be able to apply the updates to our scripts immediately rather than waiting for TRiLez. I'm sure he is very busy and unable to constantly dedicate his life to constantly fixing randoms. If this isn't agreed upon, then we can always code the randoms in script form and then send them to TRiLez so that he can add the patch to the client based off of the code sent to him. Conclusion This would benefit the community, as well as TRiLez. As I'm sure it is very hard for 1 person to constantly look out for updates made by an entire team of Jagex programmers. If this plan is put into action, Jagex will have a lot more competition. I'm sure eventually they'll slow down on the randoms updates after they realize that they aren't slowing us down at all. Yes, I understand that this plan has a few difficulties, but that can all be worked out very easily. For the most part however, this plan would be very successful and would definitely benefit everybody (except Jagex of course ) Please leave feedback, support, and ideas for this plan. I hope that this can be seen out. Thanks.
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